May 18, 2022

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Michael Rousseau apologized in a French language

Michael Rousseau apologized in a French language

Despite saying he would take classes every day, Air Canada boss Michael Rousseau made it very difficult to speak French during his testimony before the Standing Committee on Official Languages, where he apologized for comments he made on the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal last fall.

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“I’m sorry, I’m here again and I’m responsible for my words. I regret the impact this has had on our employees. I’m determined to do even better, ”he said in hesitant French.

Last November, Mr Rousseau created a huge outcry at a conference in front of businessmen that Air Canada did not care much about the importance of the French.

Unsuccessful course

In this speech, Mr. Rousseau included some laborious sentences in the official language of Quebec. A few months later, during his testimony before the committee, we had to admit that the situation had not really improved.

“I want to pronounce most of the two official languages, but my ability to speak French is not yet equal,” he admitted.

However, the leader stated that he would take intensive French lessons every day.

“I have lessons with two different tutors every day. They give me homework to complete every night, ”he said.

Answers are in English only

But the deputies showed that they were not very impressed by the leader’s apprenticeship.

“His presentation is not half in French and English, at least, but none of his answers are in French,” said NDP MP Nicki Ashton.

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“After six months of intensive French practice, it would not be very reassuring if Mr. Rousseau could not answer questions in French,” lamented Black Cubacois MP Mario Beaulieu.

The next bill seeks to apply to 101 Carrier, which is subject to the Official Languages ​​Act, which has just been reviewed by Ottawa.

Half the bilingual employees

The leader, however, said he was “honest” in his commitment to taking the French forward in Air Canada, especially by creating proposals to starve parliamentarians by creating an official language department.

“The chief who is a pilot on board is not worried. If you – and the board of directors – do not use French, how can you go to other levels in your employee chain? Conservative MP Joel Godin was shocked.

According to the inspections done The Newspaper, The Official Languages ​​Commissioner has received more than 2,500 complaints since last November. The investigation is still ongoing.

Parliamentary Committee: Language Course Lottery and Other Milestones

Jacques Gourde, CPC MP: No language training at Air Canada. I’m so excited, I’m really excited! […] 130,000 hours [de formation], Which can be divided by 10 or 20, divided by seven years. It’s not so many hours a year. In any case, it is a lottery to receive language lessons through Air Canada. Practically none. Put it on me!

Michael Rousseau: No response

Mario Beaulieu, Bloc Québécois MNA: Half of the francophones in Quebec do not speak English. Do you have a monolingual French speaker on Air Canada?

Mr. Rousseau: Yes, we rent a francophone, we rent according to capacity and want to hire as many bilingual employees as possible.

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Joel Godin, CPC MP: That’s your goal [d’améliorer le français], The goal of your ancestors is the same, but it does not work, there are no results, can you rediscover yourself, can you do a task shoulder to shoulder together? What we want is to protect the French.

Mr. Rousseau: Yes, I agree with that question, we have the same goal, we will find other measures to improve our performance. We have internal committees.

Arielle Kayabaga, MP for PLC: What lessons did you learn from this experience? What will you do well next time?

Mr. Rousseau: I know you have to be fully involved in the Quebec Society and in order to do so, you have to speak French and I have to learn in advance, it’s my fault.