May 22, 2022

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Star Academy | Spring praise to the departed

Oui, Cline Dion rechantera!  |  La Presse

Sunday evening silence at Star Academy, The departure of Marley Dorian did not move the columns of the Temple of Music like Audrey-Lewis did, pushing the 2022 Cohort into a severe seasonal recession.

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What could be better than Pastel clothes inspired by Easter Coco and the stunning Spring Awakening figure put on by choreographer and dancer Lydia Bouchard to boost the courage of the troops and combat the gray in March? It’s beautiful, that’s all. The songs are smooth, rounded and smooth with a beautiful crossfade While By Gilles Vignolt and Aquarius (Let the sunrise comeFrom the 5th dimension.

It has to be said that the three performances of the candidates at risk were lower than last Sunday’s Eloy Cummings, Audrey-Louise Beaucejor and Crystal Mongol. As chronological of Star Academy Scrapped. The final went six weeks ahead.

Photo from FACEBOOK page Star Academy

Camellia Jackie

Surprisingly, Camellia Jackie, 17, of Sherbrook, was praised by the public for describing an almost unknown part, Here By Barbara Praveen, it sounds Word by word By Edith Piaf. Taking nothing away from the teen’s talent, her Moroccan father’s surprise return earned her many votes. From the beginning of the season the production has been very much focused on this family history.

Sarah-Maud Desgagne, 23, from Amos, redid The river is the height of a deep mountain With some voice (and screaming, I can add) issues by Tina Turner. It was still enough and persuasive enough for the faculty to keep her in Waterloo Manor.

Photo from FACEBOOK page Star Academy

Sarah-Maud Desgagne

Therefore, Marley Dorian, 27, of Sherbrooke, who has a strong artistic identity, thanked her. His Island tour Not exaggerated or unusual by Felix Leclerc. There is no scandal here, we guessed.

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However, what we did not expect was the rebirth of 25-year-old Jeremy Plante. No matter how hard he tried in the beginning he was a strong contender for Sunday evening.

Jeremy, who had completely changed his attitude, seemed to have fun reassuring his every look. Any effect Foot Loose ?

Edward Lagas, 27, clearly stood out Shout In Cœur de Pirate’s “Nautical” Patpauri, it was very generous with academics. At 23 years old, a special mention is made of Julianne Charbonno at a wonderful time Republic Square With Beatrice Martin on the piano. The sequence at the dock is great.

Due to minor conflicts, the segment with Daniel Lavoie seemed less run-in than the rest of the show. But like a catalog full of any tone and success Plain days (Perfect crystal), They love one anothert (Olivier Tottering) and Warning voltage (Surprising Eloi).

Staying at the Sugar Shock, led by Yves Lambert, Edith Butler and Jerome 50, made us all tread our feet in our living rooms. We believe Live from the universe New Year’s Day, really.

Regarding the demonic controversy surrounding the Audrey-Louis boycott, Mark Dupree found the best way to reach it: with a laugh. Composed and performed a humorous song A week full of emotions To resolve dissatisfaction without stirring. This is exactly the right thing to do.

Tran success

Heroic week for Tranna Winter from Big Brother Celebrities, Who won the most important veto of the season (so far). Not only did she orchestrate the departure of one of the most formidable players of the season, comedian and actor Martin Wachon, in front of a group of five who dominated the English-speaking comedian’s home.

Show screenshot

English-speaking comedian Tranna Wintour saved her life Big Brother Celebrities.

The latter exited the Novo reality show on Sunday with elegance, respect and humor. A great example of a successful exit. True to the show’s Golden Retriever character: lovely and biting enough. The Alliance of Five exploded with a can-opening noise every day from Beach Day.

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And the endless delay of Eleanor Lagas on our TVs was that he was torn between half an hour between a) saving Martin Wachon or b) putting Stephanie Harvey in the game. At. Relief. Decided. You.

Hugo Barrett does not waste saliva, we know for ten weeks. On Sunday, the cyclist used one of his rare speeches for the episode to play on Leo’s head and beat his guilt. This manipulative tactic, well executed, slowed down Tranna, who once again played the feminist card: why not orchestrate? Top 3 Fully played?

Tranna Wintour put well. His back Big Brother Celebrities The song is more flamboyant than Cher Believe In 1998

No one believed in their chances of getting out of trouble. Tranna has not won anything in all seasons and has given up many challenges without forcing himself.

Yes, it can be painful to watch at times. But as in a basketball game, the ball floats in the air when the final siren cries out, with Tranna scoring the highest-paying basket in his career.

Now, with Hugo Barrett lining up as the boss and targeting her, will Tranna be “strong enough” as her favorite diva?