December 6, 2022

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Big Brother Celebrities: Martin Reveals How He Feels After Watching Episodes

Big Brother Celebrities: Martin Reveals How He Feels After Watching Episodes

We had the opportunity to attend The whole episode of Big Brother Celebrities Last Sunday! As the trap tightened further around the rest of the candidates, Stephanie and Martin had to make their own pitch. Convince players to stay. Eleanor has a lot of work to decide and star player Martin has been dropped from the competition.

We had the opportunity to speak with the star player during the season which attracted more than one person with its hilarious brilliance. The game Epic Social!

How do you feel after watching the episodes?

Martin: I feel great! Like I said to Mary-Mai, because people think you’ve won Big Brother, it’s a little better than if the players cheated on you and left or they do not want to work with you! However, I like to stay and go as much as possible. Before I arrived Richardson spoke to Zephyr and he said to me: ” Martin, never be afraid to leave, because going back to see your family and friends is the worst case scenario! So in the end it’s just a game. After seeing all the shows, I’m so proud; I played like that. Sure people only see 3% of what we live for, but it’s very hard mentally. Yes, we have tricks, but we play with humans, so sometimes it’s very difficult, but I loved every moment of the adventure! I stayed for a long time, I was the boss, I got the raspberry punishment … in short, I lived 100%!

From the beginning, the other players wanted to expel you because you appeared to be one of the biggest players. How did you feel about this on the adventure?

Martin: As for Tranna, I know from what she told me, but we laughed about it! So I knew in advance that the blue room was going to take me out, but I was shocked to see that Leo and Claudia still wanted to take me out even after rescuing them! The girls were scared to look at me even though I was 100% by their side. On the other hand, I think a lot of people don’t believe in me when I win or lose challenges, but I thought it was fun and I was happy to spend so much time with so many goals behind me!

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If you were to stay another week, what would be your plan for a place in the finals?

Martin: If I had, Leo would have been by my side this week, but Tranna would have been against me. So surely the chances of me getting to the top 3 or 4 at least were strong. If I still had a week to go, I would use my alliance with Hugo and Leo as much as possible and try to keep Claudia by my side and promise that she would. Safe With me. If I were the boss, I would have had to keep Tranna and Claudia on the block because Leo and Hugo saved my life.

Why did you see yourself more in the “Top 3” with Eleanor than Claudia?

Martin: Because Eleanor put my life in her hands! I may have more affiliation with Claudia at home, but Leo has strengths like me. We both remember exactly what happens at home, so I may have preferred Leo in the final rounds. Also, since she had a crucial vote in my time of danger, I had to promise her the top 3 and I chose Leo to be with him so I knew it was Leo Hugo’s # 1 choice.

If you reached the final, do you think the jury would support you, even if you played very strategically?

Martin: I hope so and as a jury, I do not want the winner to be judged by the greatness of their career, but by who has the best career in Big Brother. “Did the person win veto and hardship?” I believe those are good questions to ask. Did the person play double games? How did she escape? The guy made it big Moves Strategic? “From my side, I have no resentment over the game and if one of the girls deserves to reach the final and win, I will vote for her even if the girls caused my defeat. If I were in the finals, I would love to be judged this way.

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Even though she is your rival, you have formed a beautiful friendship with Tranna. If you reached the final, would you like to keep her by your side or did you remove her and why?

Martin: I never talked about the top during the adventure, because I kept the door open. Of course you have to make alliances, but if you want to win Big Brother you have to be in the finals with what you think is a good opponent. If I had been in the top 3 with Tranna and another player, I think I would have had a better chance of winning Big Brother if I had completed the adventure with Tranna. Not only that, I was so happy to bring her to the finals for who she is and what she represents!

After hearing the episodes, were you surprised The game One Player? If yes, who and why?

Martin: I was particularly amazed at how much Claudia and Leo always wanted to take me out when I was completely with them. I saved them for two weeks when they were in trouble and made it big Moves To protect them, but I think they were a little scared to look at me. Otherwise, I heard that there were a lot of bad comments after the release of Gailine and it saddened me. You have to understand that the competition between her and the girls is purely strategic and that Gailine has a very cohesive presence in the house. This is just a game!

If you need to modify a trick, event, vote, strategy, etc. Your whole adventure, what made you different?

Martin: Two things bothered me after I left. First, I promised to wait for the second signal before trying number one to open the treasury this week. If I waited another 5 minutes, the signal would come, I would reverse the order of the numbers on the table and I would be safe. I blamed myself for swearing not to be stressed, but we stayed awake for hours – even days – mentally exhausted. The second thing that bothered me was when I heard Mary-Maui after the break The challenge Requires the strength and stability of the boss. I thought to myself that I was definitely good, and the production also told me with my long arms that it was really practical and that we would have had a better chance of winning if we had never known.

You will be part of the jury to decide The, the Is there anyone who will not definitely vote for your winner? Why?

Martin: I do not choose a particular person and I will go about it in the best way possible. I’m going to rate anyone’s work that gets me to the finals, because I’d like to rate it that way if I’ve been so far away. The jury should not vote with the heart, but with the head. Whoever has a better game, it should go on merit.

Who do you think Big Brother will win this year?

Martin: The competition is not over yet and a lot more things are going to happen in the next few weeks, it’s hard to say. Of course, my heart wants Hugo and Stephanie to win, but in reality, if it’s Tranna, Claudia and Leo, I’m glad to vote for them! I have no resentment, the best must win!

** Candidate comments have been slightly modified to make the article easier to read. **