December 6, 2022

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Eric Duhaim: More man than party

Eric Duhaim: More man than party

Evidence began to accumulate. The new poll confirms the growing popularity of the Conservative Party of Quebec in the Quebec region.

In fact, it confirms Eric Duheim’s increase in the voting intentions of the Quebec region.

Man rather than party

A Main Street research poll released yesterday clearly shows that Eric Duheim’s party is provoking the most interest in the metropolitan area of ​​Quebec.

It’s casual, Eric Duheim is a radio host in Quebec City. It gained more notoriety in the old capital than in other parts of Quebec.

Similarly, voters in the “Greater” area of ​​Quebec are more inclined to vote for the “right”. Federal conservatives have strong roots in the city’s northern and southern crowns. The last ADQ made its progress in Lotbine and Beauz-Nord.

But where did these voters come from?

For PQ and liberals it is very naive to establish a direct link between the decline and the increase in PCQ in voting intentions. The step is too high, the distance is too great “theoretically”.

It is very necessary to imagine the voters in communicating on the vases without skipping the steps, and there is a tendency to worry about the CAQ.

The voters who improved the ranks of Franకోois Legalt were definitely from PLQ and PQ.

It is possible to follow the sovereign and former PQ minister.

It is also possible to be liberal and vote for the stated CAQ on the “rational” right.

But going directly to PCQ from one of these parties is not so obvious.

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Under these circumstances, frustrated coquistas with conservatives in Quebec are more likely to commit defections, and this is very bad news for Franకోois Legalt.