March 25, 2023

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Kovid-19: The number of hospital admissions has increased significantly

Kovid-19: The number of hospital admissions has increased significantly

If we start talking about the sixth wave of COVID-19, experts are concerned that despite the significant increase in the number of hospital admissions in Quebec over the past few days, wearing a mask is imminent.

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Less than 1,043 Cubans were bedridden yesterday due to the virus, an increase of 41 over the previous day. According to our information, it is likely to grow even more today.

“It simply came to our notice then. Sure, we need to make sure we have control over what we do right now, ”argues virologist Benoit Barbeau.

The University University Center for Research in Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO) has also recently identified a certain consistency in new cases.

For example, from March 10 to 15, more than 20,000 infections were reported per day, the company estimates.

An increase in pollution was also observed in the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine area, which now has the highest active cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Remove the masks

It should be noted, however, that health officials are anticipating an increase in cases due to several relaxations. Experts were consulted to this extent Newspaper It is believed that it is too early to end the obligation to wear a mask in public places other than public transport.

Customers shopped with the mask

Photo QMI Agency, Mario Buregard

Customers shopped with the mask

“Mask is a very effective and inexpensive measure. It is a return to social norms, behaviors and practices. Why remove it when you are not sure about its effect? Raises Professor Roxanne Borges da Silva at the School of Public Health at the University of Montreal.

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In a similar article with Benoit Barbeau, he recalled that some European countries were struggling with a steady increase in hospital admissions.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has criticized Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, among others, for their “brutal” lifting of anti-Kovid measures.

Dominant variant

” [Le masque]It’s a measure, I’m a little embarrassed about it. […] Europe has always been very reliable compared to what is coming in North America, “said Mr. Barbeau.
Considers that screening tools need to be improved quickly.

According to epidemiologists, this rebound is particularly explained by the current prevalence of a sub-variant of Omicron BA.2, which is approximately 30% more infectious than its predecessor BA.1 – but not dangerous.

“We want to find out [nos libertés] And the mask is a mediator, we must keep it to ourselves to do so, ”said pharmacist Diane Lamarre on TVA Novelles yesterday.

Prevalence in CHSLD

As of Tuesday, there were 19 victims of the COVID-19 outbreak at CHSLD Frederick-George-Heriot.

Screenshot TVA NEWS

As of Tuesday, there were 19 victims of the spread of COVID-19 at CHSLD Frederick-George-Heriot.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 victims continue to be claimed in Quebec. At the Frederick-George-Harriet dormitory in Drummondville, 19 deaths were reported from March 8, TVA Novelles reported. A recent estimate was 61 active cases in patients and 16 cases in employees.

According to sources, the movement of many staff may have contributed to the spread of the virus in CHSLD.

This situation reflects the importance of giving a second booster dose quickly to those who are harmed, experts believe. After a while, “the body becomes vaccinated, and this is especially true of weak individuals with weakened immune systems”, Roxanne Borges da Silva summarizes.

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