December 8, 2022

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Three new area codes in Quebec this fall

Three new area codes in Quebec this fall

(Montreal) Three new area codes appear from the fall in Quebec.

Posted at 8:33 am

Area Code 263 will be introduced in Area 514/438 in Montreal, Area 354 will be in the suburbs of Montreal provided by Area Codes 450 and 579, and Area 468 will be assigned to areas currently served by Area Codes 819 and 873.

These new codes will take effect on October 22.

Telecommunications Alliance spokeswoman Lucy Papino-Puglis said in a press release that the introduction of the new Area Code would enable the provision of millions of additional telephone numbers without affecting existing numbers.

The arrival of these new codes will not lead to any change in the method of making long distance calls or dialing special numbers such as 211, 311, 411, 611 and 911.

Note that Area Code 514 was introduced in 1947 and Area Code 819 in 1957.

Over time, the growing demand for new telecommunications services, especially wireless services, has accelerated the demand for new telephone numbers in Quebec.

Thus, Area Code 450 was introduced in 1998 to serve the outlying areas of Montreal. 438 for 514 area in 2006, 579 for 450 area in 2010 and 873 for 819 area in 2012.

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