May 18, 2022

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China opposes Russia’s exclusion from the G20

China opposes Russia's exclusion from the G20

China spoke on Wednesday about excluding Russia from the next G20 summit that Washington had envisioned after the attack on Ukraine.

“Russia is an important member state (G20), and no member has the right to deport another country,” Chinese ambassador Wang Wenbin told reporters.

Closer to the Kremlin, it shares hostility to the United States, with the Chinese regime refusing to condemn the Ukraine invasion by Russia.

Westerners are preparing new sanctions against Russia, with NATO, the G7 and the European Union meeting in Brussels on Thursday, a month after the invasion of Ukraine.

Jake Sullivan, national security adviser to Joe Biden, spoke on Tuesday about the possibility of excluding President Vladimir Putin from the G20, whose next summit will take place in Indonesia later this year.

“On the G20 issue, I would just say: we believe that Russia will not allow anything to happen in the international arena and in the international community,” Sullivan said.

“But on specific organizations and specific decisions, we would like to consult with our allies and consult with our partners in these organizations before making a decision,” Mr Sullivan added, adding that US President Joe Biden will attend meetings in Brussels on Thursday.

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