December 6, 2022

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Federal companies subject to Bill 101: Michael Rousseau is required to work in French

Federal companies subject to Bill 101: Michael Rousseau is required to work in French

Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau is interested in continuing his French lessons: elected officials in Quebec voted unanimously on Bill 101 to subject companies within federal jurisdiction.

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The measure was approved as part of Project 96’s study on the version of the French language charter led by Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett.

Henceforth, air carriers, telecommunications companies, banks and other businesses under federal jurisdiction can no longer avoid the franchise process provided by Bill 101.

“Everyone in Quebec has the right to work in French, in their own language,” commented the minister responsible for the French language shortly after receiving the article in question.

Simon Jolin-Barrett ensures that these companies do not have the option of submitting to federal law on official languages, a bill from Ottawa provides this option.

“Quebec law has priority in this case. In Quebec, in terms of language rights, Bill 101 applies, Mr. Jolin-Barrett was assured. It is part of the specialties of Quebec and in a federal state with federal bodies such as Quebec, Quebec law must apply.

His colleague in charge of Canadian relations, Sonia Label, however, recently confirmed that Janet Petitapas Taylor’s bill would allow federal jurisdiction companies to evade Bill 101 in favor of the Official Languages ​​Act.

Work in French

The business franchise process responsible for the office québécois de la langue française, especially if business leaders need to be able to express themselves in French, becomes the common language of work and internal conversations are written in language. Of Moliere.

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CEOs like Michael Rousseau should get in the habit of communicating in French during office hours. “Air Canada is subject to the franchise process, which means that all senior executives must hold meetings in French, including the franchise process at all levels of the company,” Mr Jolin commented.

25 or more employees

Earlier in the evening, MPs also passed an amendment that would ensure that Bill 101 now applies to companies with 25 or more employees.

Until now, only businesses with 50 or more employees were required to obtain a franchise process.