May 16, 2022

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Michael Rousseau never spoke French

Michael Rousseau never spoke French

Last fall, Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau set fire to Quebec.

Not only did he live there for 14 years without learning the French word, but he found a way to see evidence of Montreal patience in this situation.

The city is happy to be able to thrive without ever uttering the word of the language of a metropolitan country.

Quebecs are in a frenzy. But alas, they do not hold each other for long.

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We learn a strange lesson from this: Quebecs accept that they are yummy, but less accepting of someone wiping their feet over their face to point them out.

However, the day before yesterday, Michael Rousseau had returned to Ottawa with an apology in his bag. Apparently, he also took French lessons. In the ear, it did not sound loud.

At best, he has no gift of languages. It happens. Worse, he doesn’t care much about his French lessons. This is not even very surprising.

One thing is for sure, Michael Rousseau never speaks French. That doesn’t stop him from becoming Air Canada CEO, it doesn’t stop him from doing so.

But do not lie down with this poor man. Michael Russo plays according to Canadian rules and is a French option in Canada. In other words, Canada is a bilingual English-speaking country.

Michael Rousseau took advantage of the neocolonial rule, which did not over-communicate with the English minority and its natives, allowing them to live in Quebec.

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We are the blue stain that spoils the portrait of the beautiful great plural Canada. We recognize the Canadian utopia Rednex. Canadian multiculturalism and demographic evolution will end up rebuilding and wiping out “diversity” for success.

But some of these are unforgivable.

I’m talking about those who pretend to be offended by Michael Rousseau’s lack of respect for the French language, but about those who make the federal system possible without embarrassment (and perhaps with some interest).

We know them.

They pretend to be critical of the situation, but they particularly agitate against the strengthening of Act 101 and shout out in anger against its possible application to the CEGEP.


The Legalt government is satisfied with the scoops, but they are aggressive towards the English community.

They claim to celebrate “diversity,” but to say that it is the only community in Quebec is more than all about telling the historic French-speaking majority to take its hole.

Michael Rousseau angered them because he revealed the true nature of the system in which they pledged allegiance and that they were the wealthiest broadcast belt in Quebec.

The facts, however, are adamant: Michael Rousseau is well-informed about the future of Quebec in Canada: a country where French-speaking Quebecs are useless, annoying and over-represented.