May 24, 2022

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Kim Rusk finds love again and it’s someone here

Kim Rusk finds love again and it's someone here

After having Announced their breakup on the eve of Christmas EveKim Rusk has now found love again … and this news has been confirmed by her new lover.

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It was none other than Sansandrik Laoye, who was familiar at the time he took part in the show Bali Double Occupancy.

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This was during a visit to the podcast Without filter Sansdrick Lavoie has confirmed the rumors circulating about him. A few days before the release of the podcast, on March 19th, the Instagram Gossip page was announced. Qcscoop Occupation has announced that host Kim Rusk is dating a former candidate for Double Bali, raising questions from the public.

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Details are officially verified while hosting Without filter, Pascal-Hugo Cantin, two of his guests asked Sansandrick and Adamo: “Boys, where have we been in five years?”. Sansandrick’s response focused on his personal life, saying he saw himself as a good father, a good boyfriend, and a good family man.

Dominic Plante, co-host, adds “Sansdrick Junior … Sansdrick Junior Rusk”.

Screenshot / Podcast without filter

Doubts flew. After this clue, Sansandrick reveals some details about his relationship with Kim.

“I mean, if we take care of each other, then it’s great FunBut yes, Kim is a wonderful person, you know with him, I mean, she’s already an extraordinary mother.

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Now the cat has officially got out of the bag. Sansandrick’s last known relationship with Andrian Lapoint, but their separation took place in November 2020.

Before Kim announced her divorce last December, she had been in a relationship with the father of her daughter, Jeremy Capone, for four years.

To see the moment of giggling around the table, it was almost 1:40 am!

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