May 18, 2022

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Top Prospects Game: Shane Wright scores on losses

Top Prospects Game: Shane Wright scores on losses

Kitchen | All eyes were on Shane Wright at yesterday’s CHL Top Prospects game. It did not go the way he would have liked if his team had outplayed the Reds at the Memorial Auditorium in Kitchener and lost 3-1.

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Those who were skeptical of Wright certainly got some reassurance from the first moments of the first period. The man who is still considered the best hope of 2022 vintage used his acceleration power from the first seconds to escape, but his shot missed the target.

In his next performance, he demonstrated his skating skills again when he got rid of Connor Geeky’s cover to do a two-on-one with Danny Zilkin and diverted his pass behind Tyler Brennan.

The Reds captain, however, remained somewhat calm after that. We do not know if Gatino’s tight check by Olympics defender Noah Warren slowed him down, but he did not appear later.

In his defense, he was not alone. The entire Red team was wiped out very nicely and then outplayed.

The Whites, on the other hand, took control of the game, scoring three unanswered goals, including Quebec Rimports forward Nathan Gaucher, who stood well in front of the net, diverting the pass from his trio and Gatino Olympics Antonin. It’s weird to make it 3 to 1.

All this made his teammates happy to gather at the VideoTron Center to watch Game 91.

The team’s lone scorer, Wright was named his team’s most valuable player. Towards …

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