May 22, 2022

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Urban Expansion: Shocked, Bellechosse Mayors Apologize From Bruno Marchand

Urban Expansion: Shocked, Bellechosse Mayors Apologize From Bruno Marchand

The mayors and a financial institution in Bellechosse are outraged by the comments reported by Mayor Bruno Marchand on urban expansion and are demanding an apology.

“MRC de Bellechosse and Development Economic Bellechosse formally apologize to the mayor of Quebec City for his shocking remarks,” they wrote in a press release issued Thursday.

Elected officials and speakers refer to the quote provided on Monday and then broadcast it on the radio. The sentence set on fire by Powder is as follows, as suggested by Aline Valiers, Director of Economic Development [DÉB]: “Lewis thrives, I told you, I have no problem. But we are going to develop in Bellechosse and in 10, 15 years we will further increase the car distance that people do, which I do not agree with.

Third link

Newspaper Attending the exchange between journalists on Monday, the mayor condemned the urban expansion, saying it could be caused by a possible third link and that it could have an impact on climate change.

The precise quote is as follows: “When we allow urban expansion, we reduce our ability to take action on climate change. If the third link comes up and we can not round up the urban expansion and Lewis develops, as I already told you, I have no problem. But we are going to develop in Bellechosse, we are going to develop remotely, we will increase the distance that people have to do with their car, even if it is electric in 10, 15 years it will still make an impact. It causes more problems than it solves. “

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The right to development

Bellechosse shareholders took it literally.

“It simply came to our notice then. It really touched the people of Bellechosse, ”Mr Valiers said Thursday.

“The elected officials of MRC and the Board of Directors of DRB consider these remarks to be insulting and contemptuous of the Bellechasse community. By expressing themselves in this way, Mr. Marchand despises their contribution to the development of the regions and the regional economy.

They believe the mayor should be “careful” and “adopt a more respectful attitude” towards Bellechosse employees working in Quebec, especially in the face of labor shortages.

A formal apology letter will be sent to the mayor’s office, Mr Valliers confirmed.

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On the Bellechosse radio station, Mayor Bruno Marchand on Thursday lamented that his comments were somewhat “distorted” and assured that he was not opposed to the development of Bellechosse, an area he knew and liked.

But he stressed that the third link, which allows travelers to settle down more and travel daily to Quebec or Lewis, could have detrimental effects on the environment.

“I do not apologize for the fact that science offers: Urban expansion is an issue in our capacity to address our climate change issues. When living in Bellechosse and you have to travel to Quebec and Lewis every day, it comes at an environmental cost.