November 29, 2022

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Alliance of Charest and Orphans

Alliance of Charest and Orphans

This is a high mass for Jean Charrest’s orphans.

Orphans of the centrist policy, largely ignored by current liberals and Conservatives.

I did not speak to the approximately 550 people who came to hear him at the Laval Conference Center on Thursday evening.

But political orphans, I met a lot of people.

These are the famous new members who are trying to recruit Jean Charles to change the Conservative Party in Quebec from the inside out.

It was his only chance to win.

If voting takes place today, there will be no chance against Pierre Poyleivre, the leader who has control over Mr. Charrest. Membership Current.

According to my unscientific observations, these people really are, at least in Laval‌ and no doubt elsewhere.

You can feel the thirst to be calm and cohesive in them, I would even say optimistic speech, they have not had the opportunity to hear often from the conservative family in recent years.

That party for social networks is accustomed to the statements that make us.

Jean Charrest disagreed with the surrounding air. Like the old novelty.

Fear of populism

Jean-Charles spent most of his speech talking about Pierre Poylevre, but did not name him. From his flirtation with American populism. The partition policy, according to him, should be rejected.

His message echoed plenty.

“Suffering is not always good. And let’s see what happens elsewhere. I do not want to import it here. We need more moderate thoughts and more respect for the thoughts of others. ⁇

“Democracy scares me. There is a lack of common decency, which goes completely wrong. ⁇

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Correct comments from a particular Claude, sitting in the living room, round mirrors and turtleneck.

Jean Charrest’s return is also seen as an opportunity to keep the party’s religious edge in its place.

Gabriel Bouret, 23, left the party when Andrew Scheer became leader, rejecting his “identity and religious turn.”

Like any good interlocutor, Jean-Charest mastered the art of inspiring things without naming them when his business was low.

We need to invest in our natural resources, be able to export them, reach Alberts. We hear the word pipeline, but it never speaks.

“We will not impose a pipeline project. Projects, prior to merit and environmental assessment requirements, are determined by social acceptability. But as a starting point, we need a government: “We have the potential to export our resources to markets other than the United States,” he concluded. Journalists.

Finally the real race

Take it from Maxim Bernier or from the Federal Liberals and the Centrists.

This is the question that arises at the beginning of the leadership race for Conservative members.

Polls suggest Polyvre has a definite lead among voting members, but Jean-Charst has gained more traction among the general population, including liberal voters.

Jean-Charles dropped the idea of ​​entering a party race he did not recognize in 2020.

Two years later, he discovered the interest and desire to change him from the inside out.

The shore is steep, but Jean Charrest is comfortable looking like he is playing savior.

Well he knows better.