May 24, 2022

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Gilbert Rosen’s lawsuit against Julie Snyder and Penelope McQueed continues

Gilbert Rosen's lawsuit against Julie Snyder and Penelope McQueed continues

The appellate court rejected the request of the two women seeking that the action initiated against them be treated as SLAPP. The eight-page verdict was released Friday by Judge Mark Schroger.

Ms. Snyder and Ms. McQueed asked Quebec’s Superior Court to immediately suspend the trial. However, on Jan. 25, Judge Yves Poyer rejected their request, ruling that there was nothing in the request There is no reasonable chance of success.

Alleging legal errors, Ms. Snyder and Ms. McQuade asked the Quebec Court of Appeal for permission to appeal the ruling. They were fired on Friday, and Judge Shruger ruled that there was none No errors to review.

That means Gilbert Rosen can be heard on the merits of the defamation suit.

Just for Laughs founder Julie Snyder and Penelope McQuad criticized for claiming to be on the show 4th week Julie Since September 29, 2020 he has been committing unethical sexual acts against them – strongly condemned by the concerned principal.

The episode aired just days before the start of a criminal investigation into a businessman accused of sexually harassing another woman, Anik Charet, in 1980. He was finally acquitted in December 2020.

The arguments were rejected

In their motion, Ms. Snyder and Ms. McQueed argued that the lawsuit was intended against Gibert Rozone, among other things. The primary goal Of Restrict their freedom of expression as well as the freedom of expression of “other alleged victims”.

However, Judge Schroeder stated in his decisionIt does not appear […] Applicants or “other victims” have infringed on their freedom of expression After filing the claim, from There have been several lawsuits alleging sexual harassment against the defendant From.

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It is therefore difficult for me to conclude fundamentally that the freedom of expression of applicants or others is restricted.

A quote from Summary from the judgment of the Court of Appeal

Furthermore, the magistrate pointed out that it did not show Mrs. Snyder and Mrs. McQueed from the file Facing unequal power relationships is a criterion for identifying SLAPP. Furthermore, it is not claimed by the applicantHe adds.

To persuade the Court of Appeals not to invalidate the decision of the Superior Court, Julie Snyder also argued that she would be biased if Gilbert Rosen’s action was prosecuted on merit, because she was being questioned on one point. Sensitive And there is a risk that the transcript of this trial will be publicized.

On this point, Judge Skager replied in his judgment: If […] Privacy has become a concern, Ms. Some ways can be put in place to protect the interests of lawyers, including Snyder.

However, I noticed that she said the alleged defamatory words in a television broadcast; They have already been released publiclyHe wrote.