March 22, 2023

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Tramway: CAQ failed according to PQ and Quebec Solidair

Tramway: CAQ failed according to PQ and Quebec Solidair

The Legalt government has failed in its attempt to oppose the mayor of the surrounding suburbs with the tramway project, Quebec Solidair and the party Quebecois believe.

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The people in Saint-Apollinaire, Saint-Agapit and Pont-Rouge are concerned about the inclusion of the tramway, as Genevieve Gilbold, the minister in charge of the Capitol-National region, said this week, with the mayors of the same cities assuring them. Newspaper That’s it.

To Quebec Solidair MP Sol Janetti, the CAQ proved to be “out of arguments” to justify opposition to the vision of the tramway project proposed by Mayor Bruno Marchand, including Shared Street.

“M.Me Gilbolt, what she’s doing is using people living on the outskirts of Quebec without their consent and trying to justify another attempt to torpedo the tramway without talking to them, ”the deputy responded for Jean. Lease.

According to him, the mayors were contacted for answers Newspaper Not surprising.

“The question of a 500-meter shared street in Rene-Lewesk is clear [qui indispose la CAQ] It has no bearing on the movements of people in Saint-Agapit or Cap-Sante in Portnew, “said Mr. Janetti.

CAQ “Just Burned”

“We doubt it,” said Joel Arseno, the party’s Cubacois parliamentary leader, in a similar vein.

“I think the CAQ played with fire and burned,” a PQ spokesman for Transport explained.

“The government is constantly trying to create divisions,” Mr Arseno lamented.

But by interfering in a municipal jurisdiction file such as Shared Street, which the city of Quebec has planned on its tramway project, the Legalt government has sparked a unity movement on behalf of the mayors, an elected official said.

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The Union of Quebec Municipalities, along with the Mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante, in particular, “teamed up” with Bruno Marchand to denounce government intervention, Mr Arseno recalled.

“The CQ has always opposed Tramway for ideological reasons, and they do not have the courage to read and verify it,” said Îles-de-la-Madeleine MP.

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