May 18, 2022

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What the Star Wars Kid says about us

From Dune Reader to Denise Villeneuve

Chantal Guy

In 2003, Facebook and Twitter no longer existed, but as 1 billion Internet users, I shared a video called Star Wars Kid With my friends, with my friends. It showed a clumsy teenager passionately holding a resemblance to a laser sword while faltering in a small studio. All the kids of my generation did the same thing while playing Star Wars so I thought it was hilarious and adorable.

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But in 2003, we still did not know what a virus was. What I shared via email was not the original video, but one of many mutations complete with music and special effects. Only then did we learn the boy’s name, he discovered web history: Guysline Holiday, a 3-year-old studentAnd Seminar de Trois-Rivieres Secondary School. He recorded it himself for a school activity one evening at school. Someone looked at the tape and some students posted it on the web. The sequel is out of control because it is one of the most watched viral videos on the planet.

Photo provided by NFB

Ghaisline vacation

Nearly 20 years later, Guysline agreed to participate in the holiday documentary In the Shadow of the Star Wars Kid It will be on display in Télé-Québec on March 30th. And director Matthew Fournier explained that if he decides to come out of the shadows today, it should do something useful.

Since the tragedy of 2003 was able to destroy him, Guysline has granted only one interview to film co-screenwriter and journalist Jonathan Trudeau for the holiday magazine. News Almost ten years ago. It was here that a documentary project was born with Matthew Fornier in mind. “This video is like an oracle guessing what’s going on with the web,” he explained.

Photo by Philip Bovin, The Press

Matthew Fournier, director

From curiosity for a phenomenon, the project is transformed. It has become very important to help Guysline get that story back.

Matthew Fournier, director

Guysline holiday never wanted to make money on this abrupt and unwanted celebrity, which surprised many. Even though it was meant to be a bad time, why didn’t he take advantage of it? He may have done festivals, sold autographs or t-shirts – in 2003, he even received a petition to appear in episode III of Star Wars, Sith’s revenge – But instead, Guiseline Raza made himself invisible and escaped the media. His family has filed a lawsuit against a teenager who posted a video on the web without his permission. There was a harmonious settlement and we did not hear from him again until his interview News. And now in this documentary, we find out that he became a man in the process of completing his doctorate in law and became very philosophical about what happened to him. He refused to be defined by this episode: a video less than two minutes long that excites the world, a true influencer fantasy today.

However, imagine going to school the day after the planetary eruption in the early 2000s, all of which still do not exist. And without your permission.

We know in this movie that he’s not even a real Star Wars fan. ! However, for 20 years, I have been convinced of the opposite and hence the video has been shared a lot: despite all the awkwardness of Star Wars fans, they have found themselves in this young teenager’s passion. In fact, mostly because she is clumsy. “We’ll all be Star Wars kids,” said Matthew Fornier. Finally, we find that our response to this video in this documentary says more about us than about the Guysline vacation, he is basically just a “Zero Patient” of the viral phenomenon. One of the first to become endlessly multiplied and burst into popular culture, filmed across TV South Park And Arrested development.

All experts agree: Video of Star Wars Kid The Internet laid the foundations for understanding the behavior of consumers, as we know it today is a gold mine for companies that collect our data.

At the heart of the film is a meeting between Guysline Holiday and American blogger Andy Bio, who baptized the video. Star Wars Kid And increased its popularity. We feel that the man is truly remorseful and that he did not anticipate such an effect. “He agreed to take part in the documentary only because he was part of the Gisline project,” said Matthew Fornier. I understand that emphasizing encounters like Andy Bio is the most spectacular display of empathy. The protagonists of this story, which marks the period, are still alive and able to talk to each other. Guysline showed empathy because he was not there to confront Andy and Andy showed courage by being there. I thought it was more important than bringing in another expert. ⁇

Guysline Holiday is still an expert, I found out when he was answering students’ questions in class. They were born with it; One viral video chases another. But what happened to him in 2003 was not a trivial matter, never wanting to, like stepping on an unknown planet. He can speak of the beginning of this virtual new world from a unique perspective, which is not only built on the best of the human soul. Above all, he can tell them that we can withstand it. “What we want to show is that he’s a changed man, not a young man who portrayed himself one evening, emphasized Matthew Fournier. I think his story resonating to this day is a trigger for him. Want to go into people and bring new ideas. We think about what happened to him and it finally gives us something. ⁇

In the Shadow of the Star Wars Kid, Wednesday, March 30 at 8pm in Télé-Québec. The documentary will be available on the website from March 31.

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