May 28, 2023

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Self-Destruction of the CAQ | The Journal of Quebec

Self-Destruction of the CAQ |  The Journal of Quebec

Legalt should have surfed on the government submitting a generous budget for taxpayers, but that led to the devastation with the attack on the Quebec City mayor.

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The aggressive departure of Franనోois Bonnardell, Genevieve Gilbolt and Eric Kierre against Bruno Marchand and his tramway project has created discomfort in the government.

“It’s unhealthy,” he said, referring to these “communication problems” with Quebec City.

Another elected CAQ member also felt that the outcome of the events was “very disappointing”, however, about the Quebec mayor, “we know him”.

According to our information, the minister in charge of Capitol-National and her colleague in transport, Bruno Marchand, defended themselves to their colleagues who were shocked by being told that he had not publicly delivered the same speech.

In particular, the mayor told CAQ ministers that they could put pressure on the federal government to “rely on him” and commit to a spending partnership, but he did not.

The drop is too high

However, the Minister of Cyber ​​Security and Digital has done the most damage by accusing the mayor of “polluting the lives of drivers” with his tram and shared street concept.

“We do it with everyone’s personality,” the government member began with a sigh, clearly dissatisfied with his colleague Cairo.

This attitude is incomprehensible.

Since the departure of Regis LaBeouf, Genevieve Gilbolt has hammered the end of negative rivals home.

The man responsible for the Capital-National also said in an interview that the man who burned the bridges was no more. Newspaper Earlier in the year, she formed a “completely harmonious” triangle between Bruno Marchand and Lewis Gilles Lehoulier mayor.

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This spring he wants to bring all the elected officials in the Greater to a forum, to unite them in his vision of the economic development pillar.

Is pressing one of them considered a way to attract diners? Certainly not.

Wrong order

This clear oversight of the municipal project has provoked sympathy for Mayor Marchand from elected officials from all over Quebec.

In one week, CAQ scored a hat trick.

She herself covered up Eric Girard’s budget, which was the focus of her last session, confusing her relationship with Quebec’s new mayor and ousting several municipal officials who were elected just months before the election.

Must do!

During this time, the two former Liberal and PQ ministers leading the Greater Capital-National Region were praised.

Sam Hamad and Agnes Maltese have made an inspiring joint trip to Western Canada to resume the Mont-Saint-Anne jewelry abandoned by its owner.

Last week, the Legalt government looked very bad due to its policy of linking the power rate hike to inflation.

This week, he ousted Girard Budget by colliding head-on with the Quebec mayor.