December 6, 2022

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Swimming | Transgender swimmer in troubled waters

Swimming |  Transgender swimmer in troubled waters

American swimmer Leah Thomas became the first transgender athlete to win a national title at the NCAA Division 1 Championships in Atlanta last week. His mere presence at this level of sporting competition led to controversy in the United States. Quebec Olympic swimmers Catherine Sward and Mary-Sophie Harvey drenched.

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Simon Droin

Simon Droin

Leah Thomas controversy

Photo by Brett Davis, USA Today Sports Archive

Should transgender athletes compete in the women’s category? This is the question that American swimmer Leah Thomas found herself with today.

Speculation: Catherine Sword or Mary-Sophie Harvey finished third in their event at the 2024 Olympic Trials. Among the two swimmers who preceded them was also a 22-year-old transgender, who was also male two years ago. It goes to Paris, not Sauvard or Harvey. How do the two react?

“It’s a tough question,” Harvey said earlier this week. I don’t know if they got there once. [le contexte réglementaire] Thrives. We all think about finding ways to include them and not discriminate. Everyone is trained. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, anything is fine. I can not ignore the fact that the person will train myself to achieve their goals. ⁇

The same dilemma for Sword, …

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