May 28, 2023

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The third link, according to rivals, is an “unscientific” project

The third link, according to rivals, is an "unscientific" project

Hundreds of opponents of the Third Link gathered in Lewis on Saturday to express their dissatisfaction with the main project in the wake of the Climate Emergency.

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The march against the project was initiated by Collective Virage, a group of citizens proposing sustainable solutions for the construction of the third link.

Demonstrators gathered in the Saint-Romuld sector in front of the town hall, before heading to Alain Welsh-Murphy Park along the Chemin du Fluve.

Michelle Begin Lamy, one of the founders of the collective, believes that public transportation is a good choice.

“In the event of a weather emergency, this is absurd. I think we underestimate the issue of climate emergency to present such a project in 2022,” he explained.

If the ensemble does not promote the idea of ​​a third party specifically dedicated to public transportation, it also does not rule out the possibility.

“We are not against it, but evaluate the requirements. We should not make the mistake we made in the current tunnel project,” Mr Begin Lamy added.

Some demonstrators have criticized the Legalt government project for promoting urban expansion and therefore the use of cars for everyday travel.

Speaking at the rally, Yves Richard, a Lewis citizen, argued, “There is nothing to help us achieve the goals we have collectively set for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solutions that go in the direction of consistent mobility are requested by those present during the event.

“Look at the budgets allocated to public transit in the South Shore on the Risso Express de la Capital. Lewis really has a poor relationship with the network. All of this really gives the impression that we are only betting on a tunnel to solve mobility problems in the South Shore, “testified Lewisian, Andre Labreck.

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The organization may conduct other activities in the coming months, including awareness and information campaigns for the public.

“As long as the current project is on track, we do not risk lowering our enthusiasm,” said Pierre Bisson, a member of Collective Virez.

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