December 6, 2022

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“CODA” crown for best film, six Oscars for “Done” and one Coop de Brilliance from Will Smith

"CODA" crown for best film, six Oscars for "Done" and one Coop de Brilliance from Will Smith

According to recent estimates, this is CODABy Oscar-winning Sean Header on Sunday as Best Picture Under the Beard The power of the dog, By Jane Campion, a long time favorite. “Remake” Feel good French victory Aries family, CODA Describes the plight of the only young woman in his family who is hearing. This is the first time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has honored a structure with such a deaf cast. Another page in history: Jane Campion became the first director to win a second Oscar for Best Director. Dunes, By Denis Villeneuve, highest Oscars, six. However, we are more likely to remember this 94And During the ceremony Will Smith came on stage to hit Chris Rock in the face.

During his presentation, Will Smith was teased at the expense of some celebrities sitting on the floor, including his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, with an amazing shaved head (revealed by an actress suffering from alopecia in 2021). “I can not wait to see you GI Jane 2, Jada, ”said Chris Rock. Will Smith made the jump – literally. After hitting him, Will Smith insulted Chris Rock, who was apparently out of his seat. Will Smith, moved to tears, later won the Academy Award for Best Actor King RichardThere he played the father of Venus and Serena Williams.

What happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock:

The evening, however, began well with Beyonc performing wonderfully. Co-hosts Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes provided the opening number with sometimes funny, sometimes laborious goggles. The ” Gay, gay, gay !!! Served in chorus to the Governor of Florida. After that, the second (!) Opening number saw Amy Schumer delivering a well-done comedian to the audience, joking that she had never seen any of the running films: a satirical echo of sad reality. After a while, it was a real joyous moment when Regina Hall came to parody the health protocols by offering to test some beautifully selected actors behind the scenes.

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Overall, the three hosts did a great job of finding the right balance between comedy, politics and society.

In accordance with tradition

The celebration went great with touching moments like Ariana Dibos’ lively speech when she received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. West side story. Emotionally, how such an award proves that she belongs to the Latino and LGBTQ communities and that there is a place – cinema – where people from different walks of life can feel in their place. The LGBTQ issue came up frequently, especially when Jessica Chastein won the Oscar for Best Actress The Eyes of Tommy FayeCondemns politicians who like anti-gay laws who “want to divide us”.

Impossible, moreover, did not get the thrill when Troy Coatsour went on to pick up the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. CODA. One of the original voices from the animated film EncantoActor and comedian John Leguizamo recalls for his part the Mexican origins of the Oscar, the golden statue, which was once created by a young actor named Emilio Fernandez, who became the director and producer.

Another highlight: the message inviting donations for the besieged population along this minute of silence for Ukraine. Fortunately, after rejecting the idea of ​​bringing in a Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zhelensky, The academy made the right choice. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino celebrate the 50th anniversary of his masterpiece The GodfatherLaunched by Francis Ford Coppola ” Ukraine Long Live! “.

For the rest, the design of the ceremony was more or less in line with the August tradition with its asymmetrical costumes, its lengths and the occasional discomfort, its musical numbers that we could do without liking or tasting. ⁇

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For those who appreciate a long celebration, there are vices and virtues that have given way to an almost comforting “old-time” side. Will Smith’s stunt also came to give us an extra scandal that will be remembered for a long time.

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