May 22, 2022

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Explains why she stopped singing during the show with the frustrated Sarah-Maud Strome

Explains why she stopped singing during the show with the frustrated Sarah-Maud Strome

Performance of Strome in Variety Star Academy Did not go to Sunday evening.

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While the Belgian star’s musical genius was praised by the public and academics, some observers noticed a slight neutrality in the song. HealthPerformed with singer Camelia and Sarah-Maud.

At some point in the song, a few seconds of silence slipped away as Sara-Maude had to sing.

In fact, after completing the first chorus, the Belgian singer continued to sing a few words before giving way to the silent Sara-Maud. You might think the singer has forgotten his lyrics, but the post-mortem with director Laura Fabian made it clear what happened.

“I know what happened, but I want you to tell it to the people at home,” Laura told Sarah-Maud after hearing the famous quote.


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“Yeah, I forgot my words …”, Sarah-Maud begins.


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But why? The director of the academy explained that she had the opportunity to speak with Strome behind the scenes and that he had told her of his stress regarding the number. This little moment the pressure shifted on stage for him and when Sarah-Maud wanted to start, he continued to sing, which completely destabilized the singer.

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Strome also took the time to point out his mistake when he left the stage behind the scenes. “I blame myself for destabilizing an educator.”


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For her part, still according to Laura Fabian, Sarah-Maud’s error was not taking the ball and not being able to replace the singer’s minor mistake.

“Someone stepped on your toes, but you don’t have the mind to take it Puck At the right time “, explains Laura Fabian.


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Unfortunately for Sarah-Moud, her clash with Strome during the number earned her a place in the evaluation this week.

Finally, we have a quartet with Sarah-Maud, Eloi, Jeremy and Crystal in this week’s evaluation.

For his part, Julian’s performance did not go unnoticed by the chief guest that evening. Strome took the time to mention with Laura Fabian that Julian was already a real star. It made him so happy.


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