May 24, 2022

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Christian Dubey unveiled 50 priorities for reforming the health network

Christian Dubey unveiled 50 priorities for reforming the health network

Access to Family Physicians, Home Care, Decentralized Management: An ambitious project is underway to reform the mammoth, which has become the Quebec Health Network by 2025, but the government announced this morning without counting funding for the reform.

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“After 2025, there are still steps to be taken, but the health and social services network will already be significantly strengthened and modernized, paving the way for lasting change,” the document reads from the Ministry of Health. Health and Social Services (MSSS).

Given that regional elections will take place in Quebec next October, many will see these 50 “necessary changes” document as a healthy election platform from Coalition Avenir Quebec.

Despite the massive 80-page document, none of the funds were associated with the proposed measures. In addition, most of the solutions put forward are already known, recognizing MSSS, “but they have not been applied”, we read.

Among the main avenues, we note that the Ministry aims for a “radical transformation of governance” to decentralize management. The government also wants to improve access to critical data that can help improve network management.

The government no longer promises that every Quebecar family physician will have access, but general practitioners want to make “timely” appointments for everyone.

The service fee method is partially replaced by a larger share in the capitation, which pays the doctor according to his total patient burden.

Furthermore, the government wants to review the legislative framework that regulates access to health information and undertake digital transformation. We read that “the pandemic revealed a lack of adequate liquidity for another century in the flow of information.”

Listen to Richard Martino’s interview with Moncef Derroji on QUB Radio:

“The anachronistic use of fax in hospitals has become a sad sign of a delay in the development of information technologies,” one adds.

Minister Dubey talks about the “revolution in patient policy” with the establishment of the first-line access counter.

After March 31, Cubeser, who was infected with Kovid, did not need a doctor’s prescription to receive Paxlovid specifically.

– Addition of hospital beds, massive recruitment of staff and modernization of technology to facilitate administrative work

– Real support in the family medicine group for consultation at reasonable time intervals

– Physician pay policy that is conducive to care

– Modernization of pre-hospital services with expansion in the field of practice of paramedic ambulance technicians

– Huge shift towards home care

– Better quality meals for the elderly in CHSLD

– National pandemic preparedness strategy

– Institutional patient-based funding

– Creation of a professional order of paramedics

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