September 30, 2023

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Health Reform: Great promises, but now we must deliver

Health Reform: Great promises, but now we must deliver

The version proposed by Christian Dubey to revive the health system was generally well received. But the hardest part is to do, but the costs, routes and deadlines are not known.

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“We share the diagnosis and some goals, but we are disappointed that there is no way to get there and there are also short deadlines,” Julie Bouchard, president of the Federation Interprofessional de la Sante du Quebec (FIQ), commented on Tuesday.

Its union federation – which represents 76,000 members, most of whom are in nursing – is expected to see “ways to achieve the stated goals” in the ministerial plan.

After all, this is not Quebec’s first attempt at reforming the health mammoth in the last quarter century (Can be seen below), Some of them were left on the road.

MMe However, Bouchard welcomed the minister’s revelation to hand over more medical measures to nurses.

And now that family doctors are in favor of it, FIQ believes the change will happen quickly.

  • Listen to Mario Dumont’s interview with FIQ President Julie Bouchard on QUB Radio:

Change the compensation

Several shareholders of the health network that was there on Tuesday were also optimistic for Christian Dubey’s announcement.

The President of the Federation of General Practitioners of Quebec (FMOQ) assured that its members would be willing to review their pay structure so that much of it is linked to patient care, which is one of the main parts of the puzzle.

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“Capitation, we’ve been discussing this for two years, in fact we’ve been open,” D saidR According to Mark-Andre Amiot, “negotiations are going relatively well.”

Damien Contandripoulos, a critic and researcher of the Barrett’s Reformation in another age, also had good words for Minister Dube’s policy, which he described as “very active”.

“Mr. Dubé said: ‘I looked at the network, here is a list of problems I have identified and 50 solutions to solve them,’ said a professor at the School of Nursing at the University of Victoria.

The devil is in the details

But, like FIQ, the university researcher believes the ghost is in the details. Where do we get nurses? Who cares about the citizens indicated by the access desk? How to do more activities in the private sector without removing staff from the public?

Similarly, despite the openness shown by the FMOQ, the agreement reviewing physicians ’compensation will not be signed.

“It is a plan full of optimism in which we propose to solve almost all the problems in a very short period of time,” he said. The danger is that it contributes to the environmental aversion, we promise the elephant and deliver the rat. ⁇

– In collaboration with Hugo Duchain and Hellois Archbolt

7 editions in years

1995-1998: Ambulatory shift. Hospital closures and bed transfers in CHSLDs

2002: Plan to reduce hospital bulletin and ER waiting times

2004: Establishment of health and social service centers

2008-2011: Implementing the Toyota method in hospitals

2013-2014: Autonomous insurance project to promote home care

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2015: Implementation of CISSS by merging several organizations

2022: Reform to improve access and change the health network

Information collected by Eric Vivan Lemme

What they said

“The pandemic has shown us in big red lines, what we can do and where we need to improve. […] We can use the sad lessons we have learned to build a more resilient system. -DR Head of the Intensive Care Unit at Franన్నేois Marquis, Mysennev-Rosemont Hospital

“The government does not want the use of private clinics to become a way of saying: OK, we will open up the private sector. (But), it can be used to reduce waiting lists for surgery. -Paul Brunett, CEO of Sick for Protection Council

“With a shortage of 1,000 family physicians in Quebec, they can no longer meet all the needs of the front-line population. However, we are part of the solution and hence we are negotiating realistic objectives with the government. -DR Mark-Andre Amiot, President of FMOQ

“It was a relief to see the elderly Quebecars, in the last year of their lives, finally being able to be cared for at home by a team of doctors and nurses.” -DD Geneviève Dechêne, founder of the medical team for palliative home care at CLSC de Verdun.

“We were promised something big, something really meaningful was promised to us, and then you’ll see that the elephant gave birth to the rat.” -Dominic Anglade, PLQ leader

“The minister brought out some revelations that CAQ marketers are secretive about. Today we are talking about patient experience. It feels like a spa. ”-Vincent Marissol

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“It’s not a government plan, it’s an election platform, an election manifesto.” -Paul Saint-Pierre Plamandon, PQ leader