September 29, 2022

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Magpie River: Alliance Muteshekou ship opposes hydro-Quebec plan

Magpie River: Alliance Muteshekou ship opposes hydro-Quebec plan

After the publication of Hydro-Quebec’s new 2022-2026 strategic plan, the Alliance Muteshekou ship reiterated that there would be no dam on the Magpie River in the northern coast of Mingani.

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In its strategic plan, the Crown Corporation anticipates an increase in energy requirements in Quebec and seeks to continue to evaluate sites with potential for hydropower capacity development.

“To prepare for this situation, we, along with local authorities and relevant local associations, will continue to evaluate sites that provide the best potential for hydropower development. We will study all possible options, including upgrading existing dams, developing new works or constructing pumping stations, ”we read exclusively in the Hydro-Quebec document.

The Magpie River is already in the hydro-Quebec books for possible exploitation as provided in its 2009-2013 strategic plan, but the project never came to light as there was a consensus to protect its recreational tourism profession.

“Muteshekou ship on our Nitassinan. We are its custodian and we have chosen to protect and monitor this river, ”Jean-Charles Piatacho, head of the Inu Council of Ecumenicals, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“By recognizing the river as a legal entity last year, we protected the Magpie River with the legal tools we have,” said MRC de Mingani prefect Luke Noel.

“Hydro-Québec must recognize the consensus for the protection of the Magpie River and stop preventing the creation of a protected area,” added Pierre-Oliver Boudrol, director of conservation at the Society for Nature and Parks (CPAWS) Quebec.

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