December 10, 2023

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These two young owners of “bad faith” thanked Instagram

These two young owners of "bad faith" thanked Instagram

A young couple real estate investors have to pay $ 14,500 to a tenant who was fired with “bad faith” who discovered a dubious scheme by examining their new owners’ Instagram page.

Theory Miley-Dominic and Justin Adett were real estate investors in their twenties. Lovers have also created an Instagram page called “Our Restoration Projects” where they can happily share their purchases and renovation projects in their homes.

In June 2020, the Lovebirds acquired the first triplex in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal. If we rely on the decision made this month by the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL), the hardships of their new tenant have begun.

Found the excuse

In this document, we learn that Alexei Andre-Belize received a conditional notice in December 2020 that she would be evicted from her apartment where she had lived for seven years.

Justin Adette, one of the two co-owners, said the repossession of the accommodation would benefit his father. It is against this background that the law is being applied. MMe Andre-Belizeley agrees to leave home in February 2021 in exchange for the couple’s payment.

But after seven months, the tenant realizes that it’s an excuse. After leaving, his former neighbor told him that the couple’s building was up for sale.

So the tenant decided to sue Theory Mail-Dominic and Justin Audette for reclaiming the house with bad faith.

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Alexei Andre-Belisley told TAL that the real motive behind the seizure of his apartment was that the real estate was unimaginable and that Justin Adette’s father did not find the roof of the house.

The truth about Instagram

TAL Judge Kareen Morin also agreed with him.

“The tribunal gives less credibility to the evidence of the landlords. Their version of the facts seems to be stitched with white thread and contradicts the comments they made on their Instagram account, ”she said in her judgment.

In fact, lovers put their feet in the dish on March 8, 2021. In a post on Instagram, they mentioned M’s accommodation.Me André-Bélisle “Never rebuilt, it was at the end of its life. So we need to change that, optimize rents and increase their block value ”.

The duo have documented all these restorations with countless photos and videos on their social networks.

Profit first

This is not the only fault of young employers. In a newspaper article Subway Published in November 2021, the couple explains “how to buy triples in Montreal for 25”.

In this text, the lovers boast about the increased value of their building due to the renovations and discuss the expected profit from the future sale. The details did not escape Judge Karen Morin.

“A month after buying the Triplex, water reached us through the roof drain. From the beginning our goal was to restore the two units upstairs, but we never thought we would start working so quickly, ”the couple said strangely in the context of this article.

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Rented on Airbnb

The TAL verdict states that Justin Adette’s father lived in a dormitory only one week per month from July 2021 to December 2021.

“During non-occupation, landlords offer rental accommodation on the Airbnb platform. They report rental income coming through accommodation rental. These vary between $ 1500 and $ 2750 per month ”, we can read.

For these reasons, Judge Karen Morin on March 17 sentenced Theory Miley-Dominic and Justin Audette for recapturing “bad faith.” In all, the couple had to pay about $ 15,000 in damages to their former tenant.

The owners protect themselves

Contacted by NewspaperThe lovers wanted to describe themselves in a brief statement sent via email.

“From the beginning of our journey we have always treated our tenants with kindness, respect and integrity. We observe the court’s decision and respect the judge’s decision. We regret the turn the events took and we learn from this experience and improve the way we work.

Note that the Facebook page of both of them was deleted this afternoon. The Instagram account of two owners who have multiple payment partnerships with companies like Home Depot has also suddenly become private.

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