December 8, 2022

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Virginie Fortin Salle hits the target at Albert-Rousseau

Virginie Fortin Salle hits the target at Albert-Rousseau

At the age of 5, Virginie Fortin asked her father, Bernard Fortin: Why do we live? Because childish Virginie did not have a satisfactory answer, her existential questions did not leave her, and 30 years later, they were the only basis for her unique sense of humor, the humor that ruthlessly hits the target in her new scene, My feelings.

There are very few comedians like Virginie Fortin in the Quebec Show Business. Comedians like Pierre Legare and Andre Saw, as she has done before, can make a concept like space-time, rather than fertile ground for gags, and its monologue rather than amazingly hilarious.

Presented for the first time in Quebec, Monday evening, at the Albert-Rousseau Hall, Virginie Fortin’s new exhibition further enhances the reflections she launched on her first creation, Noise in the universe.

The show in Crescendo, as funny at the beginning and twisted at the end, shows a thirty-year-old man ready to reject the label of a committed comedian, with some trying to follow her and, in the next few minutes, revolt. Conflict caused by a woman appearing without makeup on a TV show.

“To show on TV, it takes me an hour, Paul Houd, eight minutes, it’s hard not to take it personally,” she commented, laughing with an observation that fueled a serious debate that erupted on another occasion.

Childhood memories

In addition to our ambiguous relationship with time (it’s not too long, four seconds, she points out, except when you’ve stabbed) she is wonderfully immersed in her childhood memories of the “little bourgeoisie” where Virginie Fortin was at her best at the time. Deals with parenting, a section that introduces us to a specific margarita in a delicious surreal moment.

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Through the stresses of everyday life, the responsibility to succeed in life, and the personalities we all have depending on the language and language we speak, the comedian is able to subtly illuminate his feminist and environmental concerns. It is effective without being burdensome. Or is too committed because she does not want to.

The staging is sober, in the service of a sympathetic comedian, she avoids the clichs that are often served by her colleagues who do the same thing as her. Also, she does not feel that every sentence she utters needs to be laughed at, even if it happens.

All that remains is to hope that she will find another great philosophical question for a possible third appearance.

  • Virginie Fortin returns to Quebec on September 27, 2022 for an additional show.