May 22, 2022

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Eric Duheim wants a “moratorium” on the Quebec Tramway

Eric Duheim wants a "moratorium" on the Quebec Tramway

(Quebec) Quebec’s Conservative Party wants to defend itself as the “most opposed” party to the Tramway project. Its leader, Eric Duheim, is now calling for a “moratorium” on the issue, which has divided the capital population.

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Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland

“We ask the government to wait after October 3 to approve any decree in terms of tramway. We do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications. ”

Candidates in favor of Tramway won 75% of the votes in the municipal elections last October. But this is not enough for Mr. Duhaim. “The elected mayor is talking about ten changes in the project and we are not asking for any of these ten,” he said of Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand.

Eric Duheim presented his candidate Wednesday in Taschero, in the solidarity riding of Mary-Josie Healy. She seeks to remove Catherine Dorian, a major supporter of the Quebec City Tramway project.

He was accompanied by PCQ candidate Stefan Lachans at Law Peltry. He is the founder of the Tramway Non-Mercy Group.

Eric Duheim said the CAQ government attacked the project last week because it looks like it was hunted down by PCQ in the Greater Quebec City area.

“The CAQ knows the election is coming, the PCQ sees growth and is worried about it. She wants people to believe she has reservations. But before the election they said they were big supporters for many years, ”he said.

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The PCQ leader assured himself that he was “not against public transport”. He promised to present his own project for Quebec by the summer.

A common “mistake”

Last week, the only Conservative member of the National Assembly jointly supported and tabled a resolution in favor of the tramway project in support of the showdown against the CAQ government against Bruno Marchand.

Eric Duheim confirmed that this was not an instability. Claire Samson only made a mistake, he said.

“Something went wrong. Every morning independent assistants receive a packet of moves and Claire says” yes “to the packet of emails she receives.”

According to him, voters need not worry about such a mistake. “It happens every day for all parties,” he said without giving an example.

The Quebec government opposes converting a section of the Rene-Lewesk Boulevard into a joint street. According to the Franకోois Legalt government, which is committed to financing the $ 4 billion project, the car needs to maintain its position.

Mayor Marchand presented the results of the civil consultation on Wednesday, saying that 69% of the nearly 2,000 respondents were in favor of a shared street in Rene-Lewesk. The city-friendly scenery offers the insertion of a tramway in the middle of the road and the development of shared lanes between pedestrians, bicycles and cars.

Last week, several CAQ deputies condemned this development of the municipal jurisdiction. Law Peltry’s deputy, Eric Khair, also accused Mayor Marchand of “polluting the lives of motorists.” Withdrew after that.