May 18, 2022

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From September: Guildore Roy replaces Patrick Howard on “Law Tour”

From September: Guildore Roy replaces Patrick Howard on "Law Tour"

Leading commander Chiason retired after the shooting ended last Friday District 31 And its narrator, Guild Roy, already has a new exciting challenge: he will follow Patrick Howard as the show’s host in September. Tower.

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This was a huge catch for TVA, as Guild Roy returned to the stage playing in the daily ICI Télé for the past six years, earning him several Artisan Awards in 2019, including Personality of the Year. The talented artist shone with humor from 1998 to 2006 Km / hAt the same antenna, they greeted him again with open arms.

The identity of the man who “bought” the condo occupied by Patrick Howard for two seasons was revealed Wednesday evening TowerIt was also hosted by Helen Bourgeois Leclerc and Gino Chaunard.

This means that Guild Roy will still be in the same time slot as Occupy District 31, That 7 pm, but this time towards the opposing chain. And he has a few months to recharge his batteries.

Filming each episode Tower It lasts for about three hours, with production meetings with the Trio Orange team as well as guests being selected according to the themes discussed.

“However, these are great shoes to wear! Patrick certainly does an extraordinary job, leading to open and clear discussions, where all opinions are welcome, ”said Guildor Roy.

“People clearly appreciate this conversion.

Since graduating from the National Theater School in 1983, Guild Roy has hosted a number of TV and radio shows and has acted extensively in film, theater and television. He also released some domestic albums.

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Last week for Patrick Howard

Next Monday, Patrick Howard will begin his final week Tower. He will receive Daniel Boucher, Edith Cochran, Jean-Thomas Jabin, Patrice L’Cuer, Claude Legalt, Luke Picard and Marilop Wolf.

Performance Tower It airs Mondays through Thursdays at 7pm on TVA.