May 18, 2022

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The hope that the Nords would come back was revived

The hope that the Nords would come back was revived

The news was signed by Denise Lessard. Probably the best political columnist of the last 30 years. The text signed by Lessard (or Antoine Robitil) was laid in concrete.

My colleague is Stefan Codoret Report everything that happened during the day yesterday. Naturally everyone pushes each other. This is the worst day to go public with this kind of article. Eugene Melnik died two days ago and it seems that the remnants of his empire had already been plundered in Ottawa.

We now know that Gary Betman and the National League are studying with senators and Quebec leaders the opportunity to present five games at the VideoTron Center.

Very complicated operation

It’s not over. We are still working on the project. Foreplay, some spokesmen say. The worst part is that the project derails as the news comes out. That is life.

But that is the first step. And without preliminaries, we would not have reached an agreement. Need to start somewhere.

Why? The first point of the answer is in the financial statements of the senators. The company is not prosperous. In fact the situation is not so good.

Individuals in Quebec have maintained a specific relationship with senators for many years. All with complete discretion. Senior officials from Quebec were also on a visit to Ottawa. This is not for skating on the Rido Canal.

Playing five games in the VideoTron Center is a very complex operation. The company, which pays $ 250,000 a year to appear on tape for 45 games in Ottawa, wants compensation for a total of five games. You have to sell the equivalent in Quebec or rely on the fact that the television will send the signal back to the federal capital.

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Same thing. Need to sell in Quebec …