May 18, 2022

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Trudeau could not see how Putin would fit in the G20

Trudeau could not see how Putin would fit in the G20

Justin Trudeau says Russian President Vladimir Putin should not have a chair on the G20 table for the next summit in Indonesia on November 15 and 16.

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“I can not see how there are leaders like me sitting around the same table with Vladimir Putin to pretend that everything is fine and have the capacity to work together,” the first minister said. On Thursday.

“We can not pretend it’s normal. Just because he’s not there this year, that’s the first question. Long-term deportation, we’re going to negotiate on that,” he added.

The G20 – or group of twenty – brings together the twenty countries that make up the bulk of the planet’s economy, including the United States, China, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and many European countries.

The purpose of these summits is to bring together the leaders of these countries to discuss the growth of the world economy.

“There is no point in discussing global economic growth when the country that caused the most uprising is sitting around the table,” Trudeau added, adding that he had already raised the issue directly with the Indonesian president.

For his part, Vladimir Putin said a week ago that he had no intention of rejecting the invitation, but that he would remain “neutral” in the face of calls by the Southeast Asian nation to exclude Russia.

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The Prime Minister of Australia, a neighbor of Indonesia and a member of the G20, agreed with its Western allies.

“Russia has invaded Ukraine. It is a violent and aggressive act that violates the rules of international law. And the idea of ​​sitting around the table with Vladimir Putin … goes a long way in my view,” he told a news conference last week, according to the agency France-Press.

“It’s a big problem for many countries, including Canada, with Russia around the table. I do not think we can sit around the table with Russia, but these are conversations that need to be talked about,” Justin Trudeau said.