May 24, 2022

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Jean Charrest team victimized by computer trick

Jean Charrest team victimized by computer trick

Jean Charest Team Overwhelmed with false information In a clear attempt to create confusion In his campaign to become the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, we regret.

This is very worrying and we have asked Conservative party officials to start an investigationRefers to a high level source from the Charest Camp.

On Saturday, March 19, hundreds of Conservative party members registered on Jean-Charles’ website, promising to donate to his campaign to become a leader.

The problem is that these guarantees are fictitious. All were made in a short time, on the same day, from an IP address disguised as belonging to Ukraine.

Moreover, the names used for this fraud seem to have come from the actual list of members of the Conservative Party dating back many years.

Event ConfusingAccording to many conservatives, this raises concerns about the integrity of the entire leadership race.

A funny email

I received a funny email thanking me for my commitment to donate $ 120 to the Jean Charest campaignParty member Melanie Paradis said. It’s weirdShe says, because as a former-strategist to Erin O’Toole, she decided to remain neutral in this race.

What’s more, they have a valid email, one of my old civic addresses from two years ago, She says. She alerted the Jean Charest campaign, which investigated and found fraud.

Melanie Paradis believes her personal information was taken from an old list of members of the Conservative Party. She did not lose money.

However, Do not be complacent about itAccording to her. This kind of interference, whether from a sympathizer or an outside influence in anti-government propaganda, usually threatens our political system.

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An episode Worrying

This is very worrying in terms of the integrity of the campaign, said Dimitri Saudas, former director of communications under Stephen Harper. These are clearly gestures to destabilize the campaign and waste their time.

At the moment, only Charrest Camp seems to have been the victim of this scam.

We checked and we were not touchedPierre Poilievre told the team. We do not have such a problem.For its part Patrick Brown represents the camp.

We are confusedSaid Senator Leo Hausakos, who was part of the Pierre Poilievre team. I can assure you that this is not us He confirmed who was the source of this piracy at Jean Charrest.

Said Wayne Benson, CEO of the Conservative Party of Canada Alleged hack Is under investigation. We are currently checking in and we will reserve our comments for later, He says. In an interview with the Canadian Press, he said he believed the internal data of party members was not compromised.

Charrest Camp fears this episode will happen Bad for the race. We do not want that process to be colored, because the shares for the party are very high.Said a senior source in his team.

For his part, Senator Hausakos believes the Conservative Party should call for a police inquiry. It is clear that someone is using the same old party listAccording to him, And it is illegal. You have to take it seriously.

Conservative candidates have until April 19 to collect $ 300,000 and 500 signatures from party members to qualify for the leadership contest.

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