May 18, 2022

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“Ninja Baby”: Surprising pregnancy | The Journal of Montreal

"Ninja Baby": Surprising pregnancy |  The Journal of Montreal

Do not miss this comedy that reminds you of the fact that this is a Norwegian film Juno… teaches less, but is fun.

One day, Raquel (Christine Kuzat Thorpe) – or her roommate Ingrid (Tora Christine Dietrichson) finds out that something went wrong. Her breasts are puffy, she is more sensitive to odors and craves fruit juices. However, it is impossible for her to become pregnant. After all, they took all their care with her nickname “Dick Jesus” (Arthur Burning) – you can understand why – she was a “one-night stand”. And then there’s Moss (Nader Khademi), another “one-night stand”, but Raquel thinks he’s attentive and neat, with whom there is a chance for a more successful relationship.

No, she’s not pregnant … up to her. And in the process, she realized she had exceeded the legal date for abortion. Dilemma. What to do with the baby, is famous Ninja Baby Since she does not want to be a mother, whose adventures will she draw on the comic strip?

Never fall for sentimental drama or American-style comedy (think of “Surprising Pregnancy”, whose title I borrowed from Catherine Hegel and Seth Rosen); Ninja Baby Painted a very charming and sympathetic portrait of today’s young women.

And superimposing animations of =Ninja Baby, Filmmaker Yngvild Sve Flikke avoids unnecessary seriousness, the screenplay of Johann Fasting, based on Inga H Sætre’s graphic novel, usually chooses sometimes caustic humor over the heavyness assigned to the subject. No doubt, Ninja Baby Very fun discovery!

Rating: 5 out of 3.5

Ninja Baby Comes into theaters on the 1ster April.

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