June 6, 2023

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Prince Andrew is embroiled in a fraud case

Prince Andrew is embroiled in a fraud case

Prince Andrew found himself embroiled on Friday in a fraud case in which he withdrew from the British monarchy due to ties to the Epstein affair and received “substantial sums” from a Turkish businessman. .

The Duke of York and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, were named in a dispute in the High Court in London between Turkish septuagenarian Nebahat Isbilen and Turkish businessman Selman Turk in London. The first handed over the responsibility of keeping her assets outside of Turkey, where her husband had been imprisoned, to the second.

However, according to documents quoted by the British press, the prince and his ex-wife received “substantial sums” from the former banker, allegedly embezzling a total of మి 40 million (మి 47 million). To Ms Isbilan.

“The money was used for purposes unrelated to Ms Isbilane, for example, with significant sums paid to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson,” according to the plaintiff’s defense position found in these documents.

According to the British daily Telegraph, The 62-year-old prince is said to have received over a million pounds.

Among these payments was a బహు 750,000 “gift” paid by Ms Isbilan on Mr Turk’s advice, but Saptavarnu hoped to help her obtain a British passport and flee Turkey.

According to The Telegraph, Prince Andrew has since returned the money, but has ‘refused’ any response to requests from Ms Isbilen’s lawyer.

According to the complainant, the payment was made in November 2019, just days after she won the prize in the founding competition organized by the businessman prince who handed over her fortune.

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Andrew appeared publicly at the hands of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in Westminster Abbey on Tuesday, alleging that he sexually assaulted her for the first time since making a friendly deal with Virginia Giufre of the United States. Jeffrey Epstein, American financier.

Due to the allegations, he was removed from any official role in January and can no longer use his Royal Highness title.