November 27, 2022

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Franకోois Lambert apologizes to his fans for lying on television

Franకోois Lambert apologizes to his fans for lying on television

Francis He also admitted that he liked to play. “Angry guys»:

I really enjoyed playing the angry guy. I’m fine. I have the right to recognize myself as good. I’m so good, I’m almost on the verge of crying. I know you are angry with Julie …

Inconvenience, this is not funny. We tell each other, it’s not funny to feel sick. You should never be next to people who are weird. It’s so obvious! It’s April Fools, they asked me to do this. I got into the game and it worked so well, yesterday I was the most trending person in Quebec and ranked 14th in Canada. This is to tell you how it happened! I was shocked!

Julie invited me because I’ve been pushing her for three years and she’s been pushing me and I do not like her and she has a buildup that I do not like and it continues. She invites me over and asks me to do the stunt. I will! It was set up with a person of views and it was great! I was pleasantly surprised!

Yes, I had to lie to you! The goal is to bill-up! And it worked! […] I apologize for cheating on you one day, but you understand that it was just a gag. I don’t do it every day!

Francis He said he was looking for an acting job and even ended up requesting an audition By Fabien Loro... but, withdrawing, she finally says “retired”. Oops! Poor Fabien.

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