March 22, 2023

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By-election: Strong support for Pierre Nantel

By-election: Strong support for Pierre Nantel

As voters in Mary-Victoria begin to go to the polls for an early poll, former PQ Premier Pauline Morois will offer her support to Pierre Nantel.

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“People of Mary-Victorin, you are fortunate to have an amazing, talented candidate who can represent you, support you and take Quebec forward: this is Pierre Nantel. I invite you to support me at the end of the week, during the pre-poll and on election day, ”Ms Morois said in a video.

The party said it had significant support for the Quebecois candidate, saying he was respected. “I am so happy to have our Premier support, which warms my heart. The big sovereign family is mobilized behind the same goal, ”he said.

Keep in mind that citizens of Mary-Victorine Riding‌ were invited to the polls in the run-up to the by-elections following the departure of their former MP, Catherine Fornier. Langueil stepped down after being elected mayor.

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