May 22, 2022

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Jim Carrey retires soon after Bruce Willis? – Movie News

Jim Carrey retires soon after Bruce Willis?  - Movie News

In a promo interview for Sonic 2, Jim Carrey hinted that he might end his acting career.

What if Jim Carrey last appeared in the Sonic 2 movie? Currently starring in the family film based on Sega video games, The Mask’s legendary interpreter has announced that he will soon retire from acting.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Media Journalist, Jim Carrey hinted that he plans to retire after Sonic 2.

After camping the big bad robotnik in two parts of Sonic, the actor bows at the age of 60. Surprised, the journalist asked the actor how serious he was.

Well, I’m going to retire. Yes, probably. I’re really serious.

“Okay, I’m going to retire. Yes, maybe. I’m really serious.”, He \ he said. The artist then clarified that it depends. He may reconsider the question if he is offered a golden scene.

“If I think doing this is really important to people, I might consider continuing. But here, I’m taking a break.”He \ he said.

That’s enough for me. I did enough. Can’t stand it anymore.

“I really love my quiet little life. I paint and drown in the spiritual life I adore. And the thing any celebrity dares not say is I tell you: I have had enough. I have done enough. I can ‘take no more’.”He finished.

A rare actor

Jim Carrey has become very rare in movies in recent years. Apart from the two Sonic films, his last major studio film was Dumb and Dumber in 2014.

However, this statement came as a surprise when we became aware of the content of Sonic 2’s post-generic scene that clearly stated Part 3.

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Will Jim Carrey agree to rejoin or will Robotnik camp another actor? Context to follow. However, the announcement came after the Bruce Willis family’s announcement that he was ending his career due to health reasons.

Fans of the two actors and the kids, usually in their 90s, have a lot of sad news to handle in a short amount of time.

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