May 24, 2022

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Jeremy talks about his song change and the abrupt end of his prep with Laura Fabian

Jeremy talks about his song change and the abrupt end of his prep with Laura Fabian

Jeremy was finally removed from the adventure Star Academy, After being rescued a few times by the public.

To retain his place this Sunday, he performed a piece called “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban. ” I’m still proud of what I gave He tells us. ” Notes wise, guitar wise, there are always plenty of negative notes to give me. But, on the whole, I am happy with the energy I am given. I wanted to show fun and it made sense to me.

Initially, this was not the part he understood. ” This Sunday, my goal is to show what my vocal ability is, I want a song that requires specific vocal technique. So, with production and Gregory Charles, we decided to do “Alumar Le Fue” by Johnny Holiday, but listen, I arrived on Wednesday, and my throat started to feel tired. The notes that I usually find very easy to achieve are really complicated. Laura also told me: “I think you can do it by Sunday, but you really want to do the same”. I talked to the production again and changed the song on Thursday.

His production ended abruptly with the director. ” Basically, she realizes that working on “scraping your voice and it seems to be stressing you out. You’re used to having fun on an internship” is meaningless. There, she told me: “Think about yourself. Relax. Think about your things. I trust you can give us a great show, but think about whether it’s right. Tune in to you. But whatever you want to do, we all go out, But … “Basically, no one wants me to crash this Sunday. This is just goodwill.

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He adds: ” The song is something I’ve done before, well done and going to be fun. Whatever it was my choice, they strongly advised me to change the song.

This week Kovid touched the academy again and Jeremy explained how the virus affected different types. ” Everyone flipped a penny “, He says.” Yesterday morning, when Oliver found out that Kovid was there, we had a small meeting of academics and we disassembled our parts. There is a part that is our work, but there is also a staging that we have to decide whether or not to keep all the songs. Finally, we cut a few songs and made several changes to the medley. It’s also like show business, everything can change anytime. Greg always tells us, even if you have some part to learn in the song, learn the whole medley so we are not beyond last minute change. I, I picked up the part where I started Robert Charlebois number‌ at Eloi and overall, I think it went really well. Remember that the producer and the people commented on the situation on social networks. Read it all here.

Naturally, Jeremy’s adventure at the beginning of the season is marked by this “saga”, where his words surprised fans. “ A big part of this saga, I never lived it. I got feedback from my friends who wrote to me: “Believe in yourself despite everything the world says”. Then a friend told me a lot of bad things at one point and it would take me a while to correct it. I went digging and no one wanted to tell me what I said in production, how it was. Finally, I went straight to talking to Sandrine, we explained to each other. The two of us got along well and got angry at once. I apologize. I can say for sure that week was a very difficult week for me. It’s not easy.

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Note that MIKA is supposed to appear this Sunday, but it is notHe was replaced at the last minute by the Star Academy music director.