November 27, 2022

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The end of another story | Anemone with Emily and Suzie

The end of another story |  Anemone with Emily and Suzie

Emily Bordeaux, Suzie Lambert, Lucille Teasdale and Marina Orsini all know about the iconic characters that pervade the collective imagination. So when talking about herAnother story And because she describes the animone as “a remarkable character”, we care.

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Mark-Andre Lemieux

Mark-Andre Lemieux

Since 2019, the actress has left a lot of this woman suffering from early Alzheimer’s. This Monday evening, Radio-Canada Chantal Kodiux will air the final episode of the soap opera so her fate will be permanently closed (Living memories, Providence)

The final comes after two “very lucrative” time jumps, Marina Orsini predicted. Since January, the one-year mayhem created by the author has interrupted the action … at the same time showing the devastating devastation wrought not only on the anemone but also on her son Sebastian (Benoit McGinnis).

“It’s very dense like a plot, as if it’s alive … We, too, the actors, when we receive lessons, sometimes, we say: ‘Huh? ! Is this his daughter?
[Rires] But the beauty is that it is believable. It worked. It is always maintained. ⁇

Photo provided by Radio-Canada

Marina Orsini Another story

In the interview Zoom inMarina Orsini recalls the months before the filming of the first episodesAnother story, In 2018. Before entering the world of anemone / monon, this embolmer with a huge past (s), she met two women aged 40 and 45, who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Sitting in front of her computer, the actress let out a long sigh.

During the seasons, Marina Orsini did not see films on Alzheimer’s to reproduce certain behaviors, even last fall, before attacking the final block of filming, when the anemone’s condition deteriorated. She wanted to create her own character.

“Anyway, it’s all in Chantal’s writing [Cadieux]. In every script we received, there were a lot of explanations, a lot of subtext, apart from dialogues, the intentions were clear. ⁇

Photo provided by Radio-Canada

Still from the last episodeAnother story

Dangerous gift

Another story An actress named Marina Orsini has marked the return. The actress’ name has not appeared on a series of credits since ICI Tél started airing the series in January 2019. Throw and Count: The Tear, Seven years ago. During this time she became the radio and TV host for Rouge FM, Canal V and Radio-Canada.

Marina Orsini deserves the role of animone as a “gift”. But today we have very little time to talk about the toxic gift. In fact, there are many dangers, such as bordering caricatures in rescuing a 50-year-old man who is living a dual life with Alzheimer’s. However the experienced actress was able to escape this trap. Supporting Evidence: Won 35th Annual Trophy for Best Female Lead in Annual Drama SeriesThere are Gemini Prize in 2020.

The testimonials she received from the public also confirm her good work.

“People talk to me about it every day,” she says. Another time, at the bank, the cashier almost walked away crying. She told me that she had experienced Alzheimer’s with her father. She came in with watery eyes. Is very touching. ⁇

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Seal of approval for Ovila

The character of Marina Orsini is not the only animone who makes people publicly contact the actress. In 2022, Emily Bordeleu Daughters of Caleb, Continues to attract Belle Province. His relationship with Ovila remains a clue when it comes to writing a love story on screen, we recently responded to Quebec TV writers.

“It’s very complimenting, Marina Orsini comments. I’m very, very proud Daughters of Caleb. I saw it while watching TV recently. I was caught. How old is insane. You might think it was filmed two or three years ago. Production by Jean-Budin, photography by Thomas Vamos. ⁇

Photo Archives Radio-Canada

Marina Orsini and Roy Dupuis Daughters of CalebIn the 1990s

Marina also approved Orsini OvilaProject of Remake Inspired by the author Frédéric Ouellet (The big bear, Error) Last fall, SODEC revealed that its adaptation of the Arlet Couture novel, which was developed on Arbania TV, had received financial support. The new 10-episode series revolves around the character of Ovila Pronovost, played by Roy Dupuis in the original work.

“It’s a good idea, says Marina Orsini. Especially after this time. 30 years later, why not?”

After portraying a teacher who left her career to become a mother, the actress is eager to explore the world of Arlette Couture from another angle.

“It would be interesting to give people a voice and show them what they were doing at the time,” she says. Yes, women who are left behind with all the traces like children, land, vegetable garden, buried winter .. it is not that easy. But the men who went, they also suffered a lot. ⁇

The following

With Another story Who leaves the antenna and Second chance Whoever takes the break, Marina Orsini will benefit – at least, apparently – from a reduced schedule over the next few months. Her daily cooking show only, There are 5 chefs in my kitchenICI will return to Télé in September.

Photo provided by Radio-Canada

Marina Orsini There are 5 chefs in my kitchen

The actress and host, however, stated that “many beautiful projects are in the works”. But since nothing is official yet, she should remain silent. “I was very inspired,” she says. I’m well surrounded. I keep working. I’m very special. ⁇

When asked about a professional fantasy she has not yet realized, the multiple artist award winner hesitated. For his next project, the 55-year-old actress wants to stay away from animone.

But after a few seconds of silence, she revealed her answer: “At my age, this is no longer possible, but if I’m 25-30, I want to be a singer in success. I love singing, I love music and I love performing.”

Is her dream, which she believes is over, likely to come true? Hard to say. But after entering the universe, who knows?

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