May 24, 2022

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Those who accuse dentists of “distorting” their patients need 10 years

Those who accuse dentists of “distorting” their patients need 10 years

“Unsatisfied greed”: Maximum sentence for Lionel Gudge, 10 years imprisonment, five years, including suspension for his father Carnot, two dentists attempting to dissect hundreds of patients in southern Marseille. France.

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The public prosecutor requested an arrest warrant for the two defendants and fined them 375,000 euros (approximately $ 515,000), as well as the seizure of his building and 150,000 euros (more than 60,502 more than $ 60-20) for his 70-year-old father.

The two have been on trial in Marseille for six weeks for making as many dental prostheses as possible on patients who did not need them, after the teeth were decomposed, for enriching themselves behind health insurance and mutual insurance companies. Some of them last a lifetime.

322 joined as civil parties.

Pus, cysts, unbearable pain, black mouth, bad breath, unstoppable prostheses: The victims told the bar about the consequences of chain operations in this office, which was founded in 2005 in a poor district in the second city of France.

The public prosecutor, who was confronted with the evidence, said he saw the defendants “cold, impossible, without any remorse.” “Until the last requests of the civil parties, they can never stop rolling their eyes to the sky,” prosecutor Michelle Shastre pointed out on the last day of the trial.

During the trial, he denounced the “insult” of the defendants, who continued to “reduce their responsibility and the scope of the disaster.” And the magistrate recalled that some of the victims had “shame”, “their guilt”, and one of them even explained that he felt he had been “raped”.

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“They want to believe that they have made therapeutic choices,” but it’s actually about a company with “unsatisfied greed, with the goal of making the most money in the shortest time.” Shastre emphasizes. Leading dentists in France had a turnover of 2.6 million euros in 2010.

“We do not deform 3,900 teeth by mistake: proof of repetitive intent,” said his colleague Marion Chabot in the face of two dentists who requested a medical error.

The trial is set to conclude on Tuesday with the lawyers’ arguments pending a verdict on the advice.