December 6, 2022

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Maïka Desnoyers responds to the mysteries of her former Guillaume Latendresse

Maïka Desnoyers responds to the mysteries of her former Guillaume Latendresse

This happened during a visit to the chalet Jean-Philippe DionPart of Performance The true natureThan Guillaume Latendress Made beautiful confidence on His ex-spouse, Micah Disneyers.

The hockey player initially said with surprising clarity how he sometimes struggled to combine his career with his role as a father. Keep in mind that Guillome Latinandress has a son named Micah Desnoires Hayden.

Guillaume Latendresse time brought me to tears

Among other things, he spoke of the moment when the Montreal Canadians traded him to the Minnesota Wild: ” I just broke up, not for long. My son is one year old. And when I saw the call, I saw Bob Gaini’s name on my phone, I knew it was the same. It was just “Hello, yes, you’re going to Minnesota, they will contact you, good luck” “, He began to host.

My life is playing hockey. I missed e * t beautiful moments with my son so it felt boring to me. But I think he realized what I was doing. And today he is 13 years old and I think he is proud. Maïka is truly extraordinary. If I have this relationship today, she has a lot to do with it He continued.

What is a real estate broker? Story On his Instagram page: Guillaume Latendresse time brought me to tears “.

Hayden’s parents are full of beautiful tenderness and great openness! Remember that last summer, Maïka Desnoyers published her book Behind my smile. Throughout the pages, the host shares with the public the difficult times he has experienced in his life.

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Maïka Desnoyers overcomes many of the difficulties she honestly discusses in her book.

I’m never been ashamed to talk about the problems I’ve had, because I can tell myself that others can experience them too. With my book, if I could help as many people as possible, great! “, She suggested in an interview for 7 days.

She was more confident that she had a very difficult adolescence: she especially had to fight against eating disorders and got out of it by asking for help. ” I have been able to handle this for the rest of my life. Whether it was in my depression or when I was separated and in my trash, I always asked for help from experts “.

In her book, she also mentions her lover’s addiction problems. Etienne Bowley. When that happens, we realize that we all have an inner strength that we do not doubt. I had no choice: I had to move on “, Mentions the host Sell ​​or renew.

The biography that sold like hot cakes is still on sale! So, if you haven’t read it yet, this is a sign!