May 17, 2022

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Diving | Meghan Benfeito retires

Diving |  Meghan Benfeito retires

Jennifer Abel Four months later, another prominent figure in Canadian diving is retiring.

Posted at 5:00 p.m.

Simon Droin

Simon Droin

Tower specialist Meghan Benfeito will announce her retirement on Wednesday as her teammates prepare to return to competition in Saskatoon.

The 33-year-old Montreal winner has won three Olympic medals, ranking second in Canadian history after Emily Hemans won four medals, which inspired her when she started the sport.

She reached the podium twice at the Rio Games in 2016, winning bronze in the 10m individual medley and achieving her greatest feat when synchronized with her partner Roseline Fillion in the 10m. She won bronze again with Phillian in 2012 at the Syncro in London.

Photo by Bernard Bralt, Press Archives

Roseline Fillian and Meghan Benfeito at the London Olympics

Her permanent teammate’s retirement in 2016 added her new Syncro teammate, Alberton Kelly McKay, 10 years her junior. The two were at the bottom of the podium four weeks before the final Tokyo Games in 2021 when McKay injured his foot.

On the personal platform, Benfito was disappointed to be ranked 13th in Japan.And And lost a place in the final. Destroyed on the spot, she refuses to speculate on her future, although a …

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