December 8, 2022

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Full house in support of the Quebec Tramway

Full house in support of the Quebec Tramway

About 500 people came to the Horizon Center in Vieux-Limoilou to send a message during the Council of Ministers meeting on Tuesday. The government must approve decrees that allow the city of Quebec to take the next step in its tramway project and initiate calls for proposals.

Rally organizer Sol Janetti and Quebec Liberal Party MP Marwa Rizki

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Vigiant

Rally organizer, Solidarity of Solidarity for Downtown Quebec Deputy, Sol Janetti, fears the government will continue to put spokes in the project wheels. He still has no faith in the government. He also fears that the province will impose a referendum on the population over the public transport project.

The thing I fear is that we will delay the project again, we will make diary conditions to waste time and increase project costs and “plow”.Said Sol Janetti.

Marwa Rizki, the official opposition spokesman in charge of the Capitol-National region, did not fail to recall the fact that Quebec citizens voted for the mayor in favor of Tramway last November. According to her, this is proof of the social acceptance of the project.

If ever Franకోois Legalt dared to ask for a referendum [sur le tramway]I want one in Nickel and one in the 3rd link!

A quote from Marwa Rizki, Member of the Liberal Party of Quebec and Capital-National Region Representative
Limoilou City Councilor Jackie Smith

Limoilou city councilor Jackie Smith called for more mobilization around the project so “the government will now provide the tramway”.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Vigiant

About thirty people took to the ground: representatives of youth groups, seniors, neighbors. Academics and politicians who specialize in mobility also made their voices heard.

I would like to thank Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt, without whom we would not be here forever this evening.Limoilou City Councilor Jackie Smith said. If we want a tram, now is the time to get rid of it!

According to citizens, it needs to be looked at in the long run

Fran -ois Label, president of the Society de Development Commercial Saint-Roche, admitted to questioning the tramway project during the epidemic, but explained to the audience that the grocery store owner in Saint-Joseph would take the city for a long time. View of mobility.

Seriously, can we mobilize to ensure that public transportation in Quebec City does not look like a poor kid, a pimple?Francois explained the label.

Franకోois is president of the label SDC Saint-Roche and owner of a grocery store in St. Joseph.

Franకోois is president of the label SDC Saint-Roche and owner of a grocery store in St. Joseph.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Vigiant

Michelle Couturier, of Lyre County, also came to hear the sermons with her wife.

We received a report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change This tells us that oil consumption will reach a peak in 2025. To reduce it, we need a 3rd link, not a structured transportation system that covers Rive-South and North Shore.Quebec resident believes.

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