December 6, 2022

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The CAQ gives the tramway an unconditional green light

Bad faith of CAQ

The Legalt government will finally grant its unconditional support to Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand’s tramway project. The social acceptability of the elected officials of the CAQ of Capital-National is not in the orders approved by the Council of Ministers.

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The city of Quebec can begin its preparatory work for its tramway project and begin its call for tenders to acquire rolling stock.

For days, however, the government has been hammering through the decree that the project will be subject to social approval. Minister Jonathan also spoke of 50% +1 support for Julian to be acceptable.

In the end there is no “provision”, as confirmed by Transport Minister Franకోois Bonardell, contrary to what he himself suggested. Definitions of social acceptance vary greatly from person to person, he argues.

Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand will have to convince his population, he said.

Quebec also approved an additional $ 124 million for preparatory work. “We are delighted to signal these calls for proposals,” Mr Bonardell said.

Minister of Transport, Franకోois Bonardell

Photo courtesy, JOSIE DESMARAIS

Minister of Transport, Franకోois Bonardell

People to convince

The minister in charge of the national capital, Genevieve Gilbelt, said she was “very happy” that things were moving forward, recalling the same thing, but with less energy, the problem of social access still remained.

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“The mayor knows this,” she added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Franois Legalt expressed skepticism that the people were opposed to the project, as exemplified by Eric Duheim’s rally in Chouway the previous day.

“It simply came to our notice then [mardi], There was a meeting where there were people who wanted the tram, then there was another meeting with people who said no to the mask and no to the tram, ”he said. “We agree with Tram‌ that this is a city project. Mayor Marchchand is responsible for ensuring that citizens agree with the project. I think it’s very reasonable. “

Fight the Feds

However, Quebec wants to ensure federal support. He wants the federal government to write up to 40% of the total project participation in black and white.

“This is very important now and between the filing of the business project and the rest for the costs and additional costs that appear,” the transport minister pointed out.

Mr Bonardell vowed that there was no program to cover the cost of infrastructure projects in Ottawa. For this reason, Quebec has not yet made a written request to the federal government on this matter.

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Minister Jean-Yves Duclos’ office said it supported the project “unequivocally and unconditionally” but was awaiting an official request from the Quebec government of Ottawa. “When we received it, it was still not there, we were happy to evaluate it,” the company wrote.

Talks between Mr Bonardell and Canadian Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Infrastructure Dominic LeBlanc are expected to take place in the next few hours.

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What they said:

  • “Communicating better about this project is now relevant to the city of Quebec. Genevieve and I are confident and confident that Mayor Marchand will be able to do that. – Franకోois Bonardell
  • “I see him going [le maire Marchand], Then I found that he was good, then I found that he was struggling, and then I found it … You know, he does what he does, he does what he says. I do and I hope it succeeds. “- Genevieve Gilbelt