May 17, 2022

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The House recommended that two Trump aides be prosecuted for contempt of Congress

The House recommended that two Trump aides be prosecuted for contempt of Congress

The request will be formally forwarded to the Department of Justice, which will decide whether the charges against Donald Trump’s former financial adviser Peter Navarro and Don Scovino, the adviser responsible for social networks, are at Mopala.

Resolution 220 to 203 was passed, mostly in biased ways. Surprisingly, only two Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kingsinger, served on the House Investigating Committee on Capital Storming, voting with the Democrats.

MM. Navarro and Scavino refused to co-operate with the trial, citing executive authority, echoing an argument The trial was held in court by Donald TrumpHe thus hoped to prevent his former colleagues from participating in the work of the committee.

In the case of any prosecution, they risk a one-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $ 100,000.

Only Donald Trump aide Steve Bannon has been so far The charges were filed by the Justice DepartmentLast November, then a A similar house vote.

Donald Trump, a former adviser, also defied subpoena and paper-making orders. Pleaded not guilty.

However, the department has not yet made a decision Quote from the House targeting the former Chief of Staff of the former PresidentThe situation is unsatisfactory for both Mark Meadows, the inquiry committee and the Democratic camp.

Democrat Benny Thomson, chairman of the special committee, argued that two people must have argued during the pre – voting debate on the resolution, which targeted Don Scavino and Peter Navarro. Should be held accountable for their negligence towards the law.

This kind of cynical behavior is just disgusting when we are investigating a violent uprising. It cannot continue. Don Scavino and Peter Navarro should be held accountable for abusing public trustHe argued.

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Republicans, for their part, argue that Democrats are playing a political game, for example,Attack on American Democracy Trying to put their political opponents in jail.

Autopsy of the attack

However, the inquiry committee is trying to shed lightAttack on Congress headquartersOn January 6, 2021, Joe Biden saw hundreds of Donald Trump supporters trying to prevent Congress from confirming the November presidential victory.

Mr Scavino is suspected, among other things, of engaging with Donald Trump in a Jan. 5 debate on how to persuade members of Congress to refuse to confirm Joe Biden’s victory.

According to the special committee, Mr Navarro took part He also mentioned the maneuvers intended to manipulate the 2020 election results and the former president’s support for these projects.

The committee has heard from more than 800 witnesses since it began its work last year, Tuesday, including Ivanka TrumpThe daughter and former adviser to the former Republican president, and, last week, Jared KushnerSon-in-law and former adviser to the President.

Both appeared before the committee without subpoena.

So far, almost all of the witnesses have appeared on camera. According to ABC News, the House Select Committee, whose final report was expected this fall, is expected to move to a public part of the committee in May.