March 21, 2023

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Mike Ward had to postpone the show due to COVID

Mike Ward had to postpone the show due to COVID

The sixth wave of the virus is seriously damaging the Quebec art community. After Guy Nantel and Arnaud Soley, Mike Ward had to postpone his next appearances. The comedian confirmed Friday that he was infected with COVID-19.

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“F * ck. F * ck. F * ck. I have a covid. Shows should be canceled at the end of the week, in fact I should postpone them. Keep your tickets valid for new dates. I’m sorry, ”Mike Ward wrote on his Facebook page.

The comedian has postponed his next scheduled show in Salle Albert-Rousseau, Quebec. Tonight (April 8) at 7 p.m., the time was postponed to 1 August and August 2 at 9:30 p.m. The show is adjourned from 4pm on April 9 to 4pm on July 31 and from 8pm on July 9 to 8pm on July 31. The show, scheduled for April 10 at the Matane High School Auditorium, has also been postponed to March 12, 2022. Currently, the show is being held April 14 at the Gilles-Vignolt Theater in Saint-Jerome.

Yesterday, comedian Guy Nantel also had to postpone shows after testing positive for COVID-19. The first of its two break-in shows was postponed to April 21 in Repentengne and Saturday to Papinoville, with the first being postponed to April 21 and the second to an unknown date. He also informed the public in a message posted on his Facebook page, emphasizing that this was the first time in his 34-year career that he had canceled shows due to illness.

Comedian Simon Delisley also had to postpone his show Invincible’s Montreal premiere to April 12 due to a virus.

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Earlier this week, singer Mario Pelchat also suffered from COVID-19 at the Theater Capitol de Quebec 11-12 on April 8, 9 and 10. Rendezvous had to postpone its premiere show Rendezvous in October and January. 29, 2021.

Singer Patrice Michad also had to cancel her performances on ABTB for a week. “COVID invited himself into my band,” he wrote on Instagram. I was positive until yesterday. ⁇

Mitsuo also shared a positive test photo of himself on his Instagram account a week ago. Singer Roxanne Bruno, who had to postpone her performances in Trois-Rivieres, Joliet and Saint-Jerome, has also postponed her April 9 performance in Mathane.

Keep in mind that eight authors had to cancel their presence at the Salon International du Livre de Quebec this week and earlier this week, following Eloy Cummings Star Academy Olivier Bergeron had to be kept in isolation after being contaminated.

On TNM, The 3 Sisters’ tour also ended abruptly, as the cast had to cancel performances in Rimowski and Quebec.

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