May 24, 2022

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New York prosecutor Trump has been attacked for obstructing his trial

New York prosecutor Trump has been attacked for obstructing his trial

The New York State Attorney General on Thursday sued former U.S. President Donald Trump for “obstructing” his 2019 civil investigation into the Trump organization’s family group tax manipulation.

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Letitia James, a prosecutor elected from the Democratic Party, has been pursuing the former head of state and Republican businessman for years and wanted to hear from him for months. On February 17, she ordered a New York judge to swear in the billionaire and his children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka.

The subpones that Trump appealed to.

However, a civil court in New York also asked for accounting and tax documents from the Trump organization by March 31. What Trump has not done yet in “violating the court order” on February 17, the prosecutor’s office protested in a statement.

According to a memorandum filed Thursday in the New York Supreme Court, Letitia is attacking James Donald Trump for holding him accountable for “refusing to comply with a court order.”

“Instead of following court orders, Trump is trying to escape,” she said in a statement. The Attorney General therefore called for “immediate intervention by the court because no one is above the law”. As long as he does not send the requested documents there will be a request along with his policy for a “$ 10,000 fine per day on Mr. Trump”.

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When asked by the AFP, former president’s lawyer Alina Habba replied in an email that she was “firmly prepared to oppose the futile and baseless move” by Prosecutor James.

Mr. The civil investigation into Trump accelerated in January when Letitia James announced that he and his team had gathered “significant evidence” indicating that they had “falsely and fraudulently valued many assets” for financial gain.

The New York Attorney General suspects that the Trump organization “fraudulently” overstated the value of real estate assets when applying for bank loans and underestimated the tax authorities to pay lower taxes.

The Trump family has accused Ms James of being a ‘political witch hunt’.

The controversy is one of several controversies with the law for the former president.

He is also facing a criminal trial by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg: Allegations of tax evasion have surfaced against the Trump organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weiselberg. They have pleaded not guilty and a trial is set to begin this year.

But the criminal trial was interrupted in late February: Mr. Two assistant prosecutors have resigned for Bragg, and one of them, Mark Pomerantz, in his departure letter accused Donald Trump of “guilty” of “several crimes”, including financial fraud.

According to the press, the assistant prosecutors are leaving because their leader, Alvin Bragg, an elected African-American Democrat who arrived in January, has expressed doubts about the possibility of indicting the former president of the United States. Mr Pomerantz wrote that such a decision was “against the public interest”.

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But Prosecutor Bragg assured in a statement on Thursday that his investigation was ongoing and promised that “(his) services would reveal the conclusion of (their) investigation, whether it was a question of leaving (their) prosecution or indictment.”