May 24, 2022

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Regional Elections | Rush announcement of departures of Blaise and McCann

Regional Elections |  Rush announcement of departures of Blaise and McCann

(Quebec) After another difficult week, the Legalt government quickly announced that ministers Margaret Blaise and Daniel McCain would not stand for re-election.

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Updated to 12:08 pm.

Tommy Chaunard

Tommy Chaunard

The government confirmed their departure on Friday morning, with the information first released The Journal of Quebec. M has long been thought of as.Me McCann (69) and Mr.Me Blaise (71) did not ask for another order – on the contrary it was a big surprise – but they have not yet made an official statement. Announcements are scheduled later.

The two main stakeholders were unaware that their departure was now being revealed.

Photo by Eric Lab, The Sun.

Daniel McCann

“I want to announce it to my county citizens in 1erBut I do not represent myself, ”wrote MMe McCann on Twitter. “I will be a grandmother in the spring. This is one of the most beautiful news and it pushes me to dedicate myself to my family. I will be providing an update to Sanguinet citizens soon. ⁇

In an interview, Margaret Blaise confirmed that he would step down from politics at the end of his term.

‘The Prime Minister knew from the first day that I was giving the order,’ the minister said, ‘it was written in the sky that there would be no second. If she has not yet publicly verified, it will only need to be announced at the appointed time.

“Surprisingly, it may not come out when we like,” she said, falling short of saying she was “stationary” with the turn of events.

“I am not leaving because of my difficult week in the National Assembly. I have nothing to blame myself for what I did during my command. ⁇

During the pandemic, she insisted, “I did everything I could in my sandbox on my mandate”, but in the spring of 2020 CHSLD refused to return to the series of events that took place during the tragedy in Heron.

“What happened in CHSLD Heron is horrible. My thoughts are with families. I have a very big problem with that. Unfortunately, I can not rewrite history, but I will allow Coroner to do her work, and then file her report. ⁇

She points out that during her command, she began construction of nursing homes, adopted a policy for caregivers, and tightened. Elder Abuse Act And other harmful adults.

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