May 22, 2022

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Anger and frustration among the Russians

Anger and frustration among the Russians

The Russians are having a hard time mobilizing and supplying the forces needed to seize eastern Ukraine.

Moscow is now recalling detainees released from military service since 2012. Promotions of officers were also expedited.

Russian and Belarusian forces are conducting “demonstrations” near the northern border in the hope of encircling Ukrainian forces around Kyiv.

But new Russian offensive operations in the region are highly unlikely, with Ukrainian units around the capital continuing their redeployment towards the Donbass.

Troop Morel

Ukrainian intelligence reports that Russian units withdrew from northern Ukraine have gathered in tent camps in Russia near the Ukrainian border.

Anger and depression can damage their morale. And Russian military companies were unable to receive emergency orders due to problems with supply chains due to Western sanctions.

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A group of Mongols

Strikes against civilian targets such as train stations (See the detailed box below) And hospitals are not faults or accidents, but part of the Russian military ideology as we have seen in Chechnya and Syria.

In 5 minutes: Sources: AFP,, Wikipedia; Research: B. zapirine; 3D: J.-H. Levasser; Computer Graphics: J.Verville

The Russian military is behaving like a group of Mongols in Ukraine, including Putin’s new Genghis Khan.

American soldiers also killed civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it was not promoted by command.

However, Trump wanted to apologize to some of those who committed their crimes.

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