November 27, 2022

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Conservative Party leadership race | Charest Leader however wants to be in the Commons quickly

Conservative Party leadership race |  Charest Leader however wants to be in the Commons quickly

(Ottawa) Jean-Charles is expected to enter the House of Commons as soon as possible, thanks to the by-election on September 10 as leader of the Conservative Party.

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Joel-Denise Belavens

Joel-Denise Belavens

The former Quebec Premier, who represented Sherbrook’s Federal Riding from 1984 to 1998, reaffirmed his intention to use the necessary means to occupy the position of official opposition leader as soon as possible before moving on to the regional scene. It is common for members of the Conservative Party to choose him as their next leader.

No decision has yet been made about the riding he will choose to return to the federal scene. Currently, the Sherbrook Riding is run by the liberal MNA Elizabeth Briar.

This is a good question that I really like, and the answer is yes. I think it is very important for me to be able to enter the House of Commons at a reasonable time.

Jean Charrest, candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada

“Obviously, the date of the by-election will be decided by the Prime Minister, so we cannot control the situation. And you have to find me a constituency. But I can not wait to face that problem, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau Press Friday.

Will take part in the show Everyone talks about itSunday evening on Radio-Canada.

MPs resigned for Mulroney and Chrétien

There have been a few instances in the past where a member of a political party has left his seat to allow a new leader to enter Parliament.

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So when Brian Mulroney was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in 1983, Central Nova MP Elmer Mackay resigned his new leader to run in the by-elections. Mr. Mulroney was easily elected and was able to secure his place in the Commons as the official Leader of the Opposition. In the ensuing general election, Mr Mulroney ran in his hometown of Bi-Komou.

In 1990, four years after leaving politics, Jean-Christian followed the same formula after being elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He called for votes while riding in Beijing, New Brunswick, liberated by Liberal MP Fernand Robichad, and led his troops to the Commons. In the 1993 general election, Mr. Christian was re-elected.

Difficult on a freeland budget

In an interview, Finance Minister Christiana Freeland introduced the federal budget. Charest also ruled harshly that it did not have a credible economic growth plan and left public finance vulnerable to other financial shocks.

“There is a big flaw in the budget: there is no real plan for economic growth. It is very rare in Canada. We need to grow our economy. Trudeau is the opposite because the government is spending. But to spend there must be money, there must be income. We need to have an economy that supports the level of government spending, “said Mr. Charest.

“There is a permanent $ 50 billion extra budget in this budget. This is the gist of a very worrying budget, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

The Trudeau government’s decision to launch a “world-class Canadian Growth Fund” Charest cites, which will capitalize on $ 15 billion in five years.

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“The government collects taxes to build a fund of 15 billion to spend in support of businesses. Companies are therefore taxed in support of projects on which they believe will be beneficial. But if they create more favorable economic conditions, companies can invest in themselves to create prosperity and earn revenue, ”he said.

Trudeau said the record of stimulating government investment was not very rosy, adding that Mr. about setting up the Infrastructure Bank of Canada. Charest felt that it would be possible to finance mega infrastructure projects in the country with the help of the private sector. The results so far have been very mixed. The Crown Corporation was offered a $ 35 billion prize pool.

“Infrastructure Bank never started. It is the only bank in Canada still looking for a client, ”he said.

Already some hints

Over the past few days, Mr. Charrest has begun to unveil a series of policies as part of the leadership race. Among other things, he proposed raising the national defense budget to 2% of GDP and passing the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, which outlawed illegal blockades on the bridge between Windsor and Detroit in February. He plans to unveil other policies in the coming weeks.

Mr Charrest is on the list of more than half a dozen candidates vying for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Conservative MP for Carleton, Pierre Poilivre is considered the race leader. The programs in which he participates attract many activists and interested people. Some events attracted nearly 1,000 people, especially in Lindsay, Ontario and Vancouver.

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Candidates have until April 19 to confirm their intentions.