March 25, 2023

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Tribute to Catherine Denive and Rufus Wainwright, Gainesburg

Tribute to Catherine Denive and Rufus Wainwright, Gainesburg
Write Aurelie


Rufus Winewright, along with Catherine Denue Gainesburg, narrated the title for the first time on stage. Moving.

There are moments when we want to extend indefinitely. This March 30, after a forty-five minute performance on the Grand Rex, The Wall and the Beard Rufus Winewrite Announced in English: “Great French actress and truly amazing woman.” And Deneuve Arrived. Ovation. When asked why the 48-year-old Canadian singer came on stage in public, she was embarrassed, embarrassed, and admitted: “This is crazy, yes, me. It’s him, it’s his voice, it’s his name, it’s me. They put together the duet “God Smoker of Havana” that Gainsberg wrote for her in 1980.

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Sung on a denue tune‌, very early on, you feel her fever and she is happy to share these minutes with the artist she admires. Failing to understand the perversion of the great Catherine Gainsberg, she did not succumb to the fever of this line of text, “You are my master after God.” Deneuve was not a god or a master, he saw the magnificent Rufus from above the box around him Benjamin Biole And his granddaughter Anna Biole

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